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Find the latest and most important publications on this section of the website.  There are a variety of publications available, some are published by British BIDs, including the National BID Survey and the National BID Criteria. If you are a member, you can enjoy exclusive access to a number of publications with your membership login details. This includes access to the Policy & Guidance notes which are housed here.

Featured Publication Brand partner guidance for BID’s Social Media

Brand partner guidance for BID’s Social Media

This document is a template designed to help and support, and can be adapted or adopted as appropriate. It is not a policy or guidance for employee’s own personal social media profiles....



We have produced this Criteria to ensure that BIDs, from the early development stages through to the final proposal and business plan, undertake all the right processes and services for all levy payers, and that all the regulations are properly followed. Whilst the Criteria will be of interest and relevance...

Featured Publication Guide to BIDs for Local Authorities

Guide to BIDs for Local Authorities

This Guide focuses on the core roles and responsibilities that a local authority is required to undertake in relation to a ratepayer-based Business Improvement District (BID) development, management and termination. BIDs are business-led partnerships focused on improving and enhancing commercial and other areas. These areas are typically within town and...

Featured Publication

2022 BID Spring Report

Download the 2022 BID Spring Report

The Grimsey Review

The Grimsey Review

This review has its origins in the publication of the Government commissionedreview of the high street carried out by Mary Portas in December 2011. Amid much fanfare this promised the earth but delivered little. ...

The Digital High Street Report 2020

The Digital High Street Report 2020

The British high street has weathered sweeping changes in society, varied economic cycles, successive layers of property development and retail expansion, and the seismic impact of digital technology on communications, entertainment and commerce.

National BID Survey 2017

National BID Survey 2017

Produced by British BIDs. The 11th National Business Improvement District [BID] Survey, conducted in 2017, was undertaken primarily on behalf of the BID industry; that is the 309 separate organisations that are either running BIDs or planning to run them. At the same time, we are conscious that key industry players...

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