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BID Management Support

British BIDs is the largest provider of services to BIDs in the UK, with a portfolio of managed BIDs in a range of locations. The team provides day to day management support to BIDs which draws on a wealth of experience and expertise working for and with BIDs across the country.

Our management services provides reassurance to the BID Directors, senior managers, levy payers, partners, and stakeholders and is available on a bespoke basis, based on the requirements of the BID.

*Day to day support and guidance for the BID Manager/operational team

*Production of annual delivery plan and budget

*Full cashbook functions with detailed reconciled monthly reporting, annual budgeting, monthly reporting, bank reconciliation, invoicing and credit control, payroll administration and purchase order systems

*Cashflow planning/analysis

*Strategy planning sessions with BID Directors and operational team

*Assistance with the production of KPIs, performance measurement plan and reporting

*Option of staff employment

*HR support including management, administration, advice, documentation, record-keeping etc

*Recruitment advice

*Training programme for BID Manager/operational team

*Opportunity to be a part of our network of BID Managers who meet to support one another and share ideas regularly

*Mentoring support for staff