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BID Management Support

The British BIDs team provides day to day management support to BIDs. With a wealth of experience and expertise working for and with BIDs across the country, there is a bespoke solution for all BIDs.

Our involvement provides reassurance to the BID Directors, operations team and stakeholders and is available on a bespoke basis, based on the explicit requirements of the individual BID.

*Day to day support and guidance for the BID Manager/operational team

*Production of annual delivery plan and budget

*Full cashbook functions with detailed reconciled monthly reporting, annual budgeting, monthly reporting, bank reconciliation, invoicing and credit control, payroll administration and purchase order systems

*Cashflow planning/analysis

*Strategy planning sessions with BID Directors and operational team

*Assistance with the production of KPIs, performance measurement plan and reporting

*Option of staff employment

*HR support including management, administration, advice, documentation, record-keeping etc

*Recruitment advice

*Training programme for BID Manager/operational team

*Opportunity to be a part of our network of BID Managers who meet to support one another and share ideas regularly

*Mentoring support for staff