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Good governance is crucial to the effectiveness of a BID. But what does it mean? Does governance keep you awake at night? Are you aware of what’s in your articles? Are you a small team or sole employee working through what you need to do to be open and transparent as a company delivering projects?

Would you welcome some support and guidance?

This informal 1-hour online session will provide advice on how best to adhere to what voters expect to see a BID have in place. With plenty of time for discussion on specific issues and challenges in a relaxed setting.

Further 2024 dates TBC.

These webinars are free for British BIDs members. Please email contact@britishbids.info to book your place.

British BIDs held an informative webinar all about the 17th annual BID survey and what this means for the industry. Hosted by Chris Turner, Head of Research, the session covered a range of subjects from levy income, finances and governance issues to diversity, boards and policy matters.

“The data in the BID Annual Survey from British BIDs has been invaluable in helping to tell the national story of the importance of BIDs to our businesses in Brighton. So often, traders and business owners feel like they are working in isolation, but with the BID Annual Survey, I’m able to easily evidence the power of BIDs and highlight the wider benefits that BIDs provide throughout the UK.” - Gavin Stewart, CEO, Brighton BID

If you are a member and would like a copy of the full recording, please contact Shayni.Langhelt@britishbids.info.

Free employment webinars for British BIDs members

British BIDs members benefit to free access to Croner, an expert employment law and health & safety helpline. Find out more here.

The Helpline gives you access to telephone advice from a team of experts.

Your 24/7 Croner Telephone Business Support Helpline offers a range of support, including:

  • Employment Law advice
  • Health & Safety support
  • Commercial Legal help

Members can view the full webinar library here

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British BIDs held an informative webinar on Friday 8th September to discuss High Streets Heritage Action Zones with Louise Brennan, Historic Englands' Regional Director (Midlands), Heather Dowler from Appetite and Sam Good from Our Colchester. 

If you are a member and would like a copy of the full recording and presentations, please contact Shayni.Langhelt@britishbids.info.

British BIDs held a webinar on Wednesday 19th July with national levy payer Tesco, to hear about what matters to them.

Tesco has 382 stores in BID areas - they have a positive attitude to BIDs, and are keen to work collaboratively on:

  • Crime reduction support from BIDs
  • Strategic plans from BIDs
  • Clear governance and decision making in their BIDs

If you are a member and would like a copy of the full recording and presentations, please contact Shayni.Langhelt@britishbids.info