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Emerging technology through collaboration; creating a ‘digital high street’ rich in 'data insights'

Wednesday 7th July, 2pm - 3pm
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As technology has developed it has become more accessible, and with the UK government making budget available through schemes such as the Town Deal Fund and Future High Street Fund, we believe we’re about to see an explosion in digital high streets. Some BIDs have already started to think about this and have began the process of digitalising their high street. However, some haven't due to budget, and some not really knowing exactly what 'the digital high street' means.

With this webinar, you can hear from guests that have already started to create a digital high street and what this could look like for your places.

Joining us

Will Wright, DestinationCore


Will is the Managing Partner at DestinationCore - a place marketing website platform designed specifically for BIDs and DMOs.

Will is joining us to discuss the below:

  • What does a digital high street look and feel like?
  • Why is it important?
  • How do BIDs digitise town centres? And what is the role of a BID in helping achieve it?
  • What are the benefits of creating a digital high street? And how does it help a BID?
  • What immediate steps can be taken towards achieving ‘digitisation?’
  • What costs are involved? Can ‘digitisation’ be achieved on a BID budget?
  • What locations have successfully created a digital high street already?

Sam Good, Our Colchester BID


Sam is the BID Manager at Our Colchester BID and will be joining us to discuss how he has already started the process of turning Colchester into a digital high street. He will be touch on the importance of how this can help you become evidence rich by providing excellent and correct consumer data. Sam will also be discussing how the process of working with several different tech providers and unifying them is essential for digitalising your high street.

Tiernan Mines, Hello Lamp Post


Hello Lamp Post brings cities and their citizens closer together, through the use of AI. Tiernan will be joining us to discuss how you can make the communication between communities and local decision makers easier, through playful chats with street objects in their everyday surroundings. He will share some case studies from BID's across the country and from around the world, demonstrating how they have successfully engaged with their communities, through their anonymised platform.

Tiernan will also be discussing how BID's and Local Authorities can work together to introduce this in their local area, to help shape places where their communities live, work and play.

Send us your questions before the webinar:

  • How do you see the future of the high street?
  • How does the digital high street benefit BIDs?
  • How does technology impact high streets in a positive way?

Please send to jade@britishbids.info.