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Diploma in BID Leadership

Aims of the Diploma in BID Leadership

Leadership is different from management. Leadership is about doing the right things right. It’s about setting directions, building visions, and making something new. It's about taking a group of people on a journey and mapping out what an organisation needs to do to succeed. At its best it is creative, inspiring, motivating and exciting.

At the same time, while leaders set the direction, they must also use management skills to guide their people to the right destination, in a smooth and efficient way. They need to be confident in the key managerial areas of people, money, law, governance and communications. This programme looks at each of these areas in turn.

Good leadership requires self-reflection, along with an understanding of where a business might be going. The Diploma in BID Leadership will allow that. Working in a small learning set, the group will self-reflect, share, learn and discuss. It's designed for experienced BID industry figures and is ideal for graduates of the Certificate in BID Management.

Each session runs for 2.5 hours, from 10:30am until 1:00pm. All sessions will run virtually via Zoom. 

If you are interested in the Diploma in BID Leadership, please click below.

Session 1: Leaders as Learners

The best leaders are lifelong learners; they take measures to create organisations that foster and inspire learning throughout. The most effective leaders are those who realise it’s what you learn after you know it all that counts most.

Session Tutor – Chris Turner

Session 2: The Psychology of Leadership

This session gets leaders focused on the psychological aspects of leadership that drive up emotional intelligence, improve results and create solid relationships.

In advance of this session, you will complete an online questionnaire which generates an insightful psychometric report. During the session, the report will be used to help you understand:

  • Your leadership style and preferences while at work
  • How you can leverage your strengths to achieve success in your role
  • The blind spots and possible weaknesses that create your leadership shadow and how you can address and develop these areas

You will be introduced to a framework that will allow you to better read what your people need from you as a leader, and how best to influence and connect with your team and your key BID stakeholders. Finally, we will provide a valuable lens for you to assess your team’s resilience and performance levels, enabling you to make the necessary adjustments that will increase your team’s chances of success.

Tutor – Adam Brown

Session 3: Corporate Matters 

This session will look at the basic elements of English company law and the rights and liabilities of the people involved in running a limited company. Including;

  • Limited companies and companies limited by guarantee
  • The company’s constitution – the purpose and effect of articles of association
  • Rights and obligations of the members of a company
  • Appointing and removing directors
  • Directors’ duties and potential liabilities

Tutor – Keith Lewington

Session 4: Setting out the future – Strategy, objectives and tactics

This session enables leaders to think through their role in setting out the future for their BID, ensuring they achieve excellent direction, alignment and commitment within the team, to achieve long term success. We will look at a number of tools and techniques that support students in this area.

By the end of the session students will feel confident and able to:

  • Better understand their leadership role
  • Formulate objectives for the team, and team members, that align with BID strategy
  • Achieve alignment through prioritising the efforts of the team
  • Overcome challenges and ensure team commitment through purpose, mastery and autonomy

Tutor - Adam Brown

Session 5: Avoiding and resolving difficult employment law and personnel issues

This session will look at the importance of understanding employment law and associated issues. Including;

  • Disciplinary issues and dismissals - What steps do I need to take to avoid an unfair dismissal?
  • Managing poor performance - How do I deal with individual performance issues in my team?
  • Hiring and firing employees - How do I protect the BID and protect myself?
  • Protected conversations and settlement agreements - How do I negotiate a clean break exit?

Tutor - Richard Stace

Session 6: Using Media Effectively

This will be a practical session focusing on effective press and social media campaigning. At the end of the session, you will be able to take away tips and information and put them into practice immediately. The session will cover how to plan a community campaign using the highly effective ‘OASIS’ model - making sure everything you do is intelligent, impactful and fits in with your objectives. You will look at how to secure quality coverage in the press - including what makes a ‘newsworthy' story that will cut through the noise. The session will look at how to create content for your social media channels that is interesting, relevant and engaging. You will learn effective ways to approach tv and radio interviews and tips on public speaking.

Tutor - Ray Sadri

Session 7

Pre-reflective presentation session with Chris Turner ahead of the final reflective session.

Session 8: Reflective presentation 

This final session will bring together the various elements of the programme by way of a self reflective presentation from each participant on their learning during the course, allowing them to think critically about their own development and practical progress. Reflective reports of this sort develop a capacity for critical reflection on professional performance. This is key to developing ethical practice in a wide range of fields, from business, to medicine, to teaching. People who have experience with reflective reports are better able to reflect on their day to day practice, and they also have the ability to summarise and contextualise their performance for colleagues and governing authorities. This session will consolidate your understanding of the sessions, following which the Diploma award decision will be made. Delegates must have attended all of the sessions to complete the Diploma.

Tutor - Chris Turner

The cost of the course is £2,000 for Bb members, including their 25% discount. For non-members, please get in touch.

Session 1 – Professor Christopher Turner

Professor Turner is an economist and information scientist who has taught and researched in several universities. He has produced books and papers, lectured and undertaken consultancy around the world, and is currently British BIDs' Head of Research.


Session 2 – Adam Brown

Adam Brown is an experienced Learning and Development Practitioner with a wealth of leadership and stakeholder management experience from high-end hospitality institutions, such as Marriott International and Radisson Edwardian Hotels, as well as working with teams across global manufacturing, logistics and elite sport to increase communication and effectiveness. Adam is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and is certified in a number of psychometric evaluation tools.


Session 3 – Keith Lewington

Keith is a solicitor specialising in company law. He was head of the corporate department of a large national law firm for many years before joining the agile law firm Excello Law 10 years ago, where he has gained wide experience with BID companies. He has also lectured solicitors and others on company law topics for the past 30 years.


Session 4 – Adam Brown

Adam Brown is an experienced Learning

and Development Practitioner with a wealth of leadership and stakeholder management experience from high-end hospitality institutions, such as Marriott International and Radisson Edwardian Hotels, as well as working with teams across global manufacturing, logistics and elite sport to increase communication and effectiveness. Adam is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and is certified in a number of psychometric evaluation tools.


Session 5 - Richard Stace

Richard is a solicitor who specialises in employment and discrimination law. He spent the first half of his professional career in a regional law firm establishing and leading a team of employment law solicitors and the second half running his own niche employment practice. Within the BIDs industry, Richard was a non-executive Director and Chairman of Central Management Solutions Ltd, delivers training to BID companies and levy-payers, and currently advises a number of BIDs on their employment and HR issues.


Session 6 - Ray Sadri

The session will be run by Ray Sadri who is an ex BBC journalist and former central government chief press officer - he now helps run community campaigns in the worlds of business and politics.


Session 7 & Presentations – Professor Christopher Turner

Professor Turner is an economist and information scientist who has taught and researched in several universities. He has produced books and papers, lectured and undertaken consultancy around the world, and is currently British BIDs' Head of Research.

Session 1: Leaders as Learners
Wednesday 4th September 2024

Session 2: The Psychology of Leadership
Tuesday 17th September 2024

Session 3: Corporate Matters
Thursday 26th September 2024

Session 4: Setting out the future – Strategy, objectives and tactics
Wednesday 2nd October 2024

Session 5: Avoiding and resolving difficult employment law and personnel issues
Wednesday 9th October 2024

Session 6: Using Media Effectively
Thursday 10th October 2024

Session 7: Pre-reflective presentation prep
Wednesday 16th October 2024

Session 8: Self-reflective presentations
Wednesday 23rd October 2024

Andy Bell, Fulham Broadway BID – BID Manager 

Andy has been the BID Manager at Fulham Broadway BID for the past two and a half years, successfully leading the BID into its second term.  Andy comes from a varied background working in business development and communications in both the public and private sectors. He has previously completed the Certificate in BID Management course.  

Angela Grey, Lowestoft Vision – BID Manager 

Angela Grey joined the Lowestoft BID in May 2023, taking on the BID manager role for the start of the third term. Angela comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience in sales, marketing, event and building management.  Angela has already made a huge impact on Lowestoft Vision, introducing new ideas and ways of working, building relationships with businesses and supporting them in line with delivering the key aims in the Lowestoft Vision business plan. 

Charl Pearce, Newcastle under Lyme BID – BID Manager 

Lee Roberts, Lincoln BIG – Head of Operations  

Lee joined the Lincoln Business Group in August 2020 and has worked within the BID industry since 2017. As Head of Operations at Lincoln BIG, Lee wants to continue promoting Lincoln as a vibrant city whilst showing the businesses the city offers. 

Having completed the Certificate in BID Management last year, Lee has a strong desire to continue his development within the BID industry to ensure that Lincoln BIG gains its 5th Term ballot in 2024. He looks forward to progressing his professional development with the Diploma. 

Linda Lowne, Rugby First – Business Director  

Marcos Gold, Central District Alliance – External Affairs Manager 

With over 10 years of experience across the public, private, and non-profit sectors, Marcos leverages his political and strategic skills to drive organisational success at Central District Alliance. As a member of the LGBT community, Marcos strives to represent marginalised groups. He also serves on the NLA's Diverse Leaders Committee Group, advocating for diversity and inclusion at all levels of leadership. 

Marcos offers insights into complex challenges, facilitates progress, and boosts stakeholder engagement. He specialises in strategic communications, campaign management, and advising senior officials to align with and represent organisational priorities. 

Nicky Bond, Central District Alliance - Head of Marketing & Events  

As Head of Marketing & Events at Central District Alliance BID, Nicky is passionate about curating vibrant, engaging and high-quality events. Since joining CDA in 2022, she has been committed to building the BID’s brand and maximising opportunities for collaboration and partnerships, within the district. With a background in property marketing, Nicky leads all communications and marketing for CDA, ensuring all channels spotlight the district’s unique offerings and opportunities. In addition to CDA, she also supports CDA’s sister-BID, Hatton Garden BID. 

The object of this course is to develop and support senior team members in leading their BID whilst also enhancing their skillset and professional development.

You must have at least one of the following:

  • Senior level position
  • CiBM graduate

If this course is of interest to you and your colleagues, please get in touch.

"The DiBL is an extremely valuable process to undertake, as it allows for you to engage with your peers to discuss items which you otherwise may not be able to with your colleagues. I would highly recommend this course for those of all levels of experience in leadership roles as it allows for people of all different experiences to come together and discuss different ways of thinking, and different approaches & styles for dealing with a wide variety of circumstances."

"The Diploma in BID Leadership was beneficial in so many ways from helping me to understand my own leadership style and its’ impact on other people, to improving our press and PR coverage and understanding governance. It provided much-needed reflection time. I would recommend this course to anyone who is involved with running or thinking about running a BID."

For me, the Diploma in BID Leadership supported every single part of managing the uniqueness of a Business Improvement District. From day to day operations to dealing with crisis to learning from peers also on the course. I would highly recommend. The ‘psychology of a leader’ session was my favourite part as this taught me so much about myself and how I can continue to progress in my BID career."

"The highlight of the Diploma is the peers on the course that you meet. They will become friends, but also useful sounding boards when you need support and guidance. The content of the diploma is interesting and the sessions move fast. I would recommend it for those who want to know more, or those who want to appreciate the theory behind what they already know through experience."

"I was delighted to be able to undertake the Diploma in BID Leadership last year (2022). Taking time out to be able to hear the back story of fellow colleagues, discuss and explore the issues, concerns and challenges in a very fluid and changing area of work was truly just what the doctor ordered post pandemic! The expertise and open platform facilitated by the experienced lecturers all led to a very productive and engaged experience."

"The Diploma in BID Leadership really is a valuable progression from the CiBM course as it challenges notions that you have and invites you to realise the potential you have for leadership. The course provides a lot of valuable insight and is a fascinating look at, not just BIDs, but also a persons own psychology and how behaviour patterns impact everyday life. The psychology part was a particularly powerful but also humbling experience as it presented a persons strengths and weaknesses in a manner that will invite growth and acceptance of one's own self. It delves far more deeply than other courses and allows for reflection on issues holding us back and how to grow and move on to be better leaders and better people."

"Having already completed the Certificate in BID Management I found the Diploma in BID Leadership the perfect next step. The BID industry is quite unique, with no two days ever the same, so it was great get to share experiences with other like-minded CEOs/Managers whilst gaining knowledge and understanding of leadership within the BID world."

"As always when undertaking a course with British BIDs you get to share that experience with industry colleagues, which is always so insightful. The DiBL was fantastic for those working in the industry newly in position as a BID manager or equivalent. It was an opportunity to reflect on your leadership style, governance, financial management and communications. I’d highly recommend this course."

"I would recommend this Diploma to anyone in a BID leadership role, and I found it to be a very useful follow up from the Certificate in BID Management. This is a leadership course tailored to the needs of BID professionals and delivered by a team of knowledgeable and engaging tutors. It provides opportunities not only for learning and reflection on key topics such as corporate and financial matters, HR and people management, media campaigns and our own leadership styles, but also valuable opportunities to meet, network and share experiences with other people working in the industry."

"By doing the Diploma in BID Leadership Diploma, I was able to reflect and learn how to become a better leader to my peers and BID members. I learnt the essentials of running the BID behind the scenes! The course allowed me to understand the roles of BID directors and the formality of BID law. I would recommend this course if you are new to a management role in BIDs."

"The Diploma in BID Leadership is a perfect accompaniment to the CiBM for leaders in the BID community as it moves beyond teaching the technical know-how and deep dives into valuable and interesting topics that will support you in driving great performance.

The 7 sessions are really comprehensive and very practical because they are all delivered by experts in their field who have the experience and knowledge to help you develop new strategies and ways of thinking and the fact that it is done alongside likeminded BID leaders makes the learning even more immersive and fun."

"The Diploma in BID Leadership was a powerful yet compact course that recognised participants are busy leaders. The sessions were full of key lessons and industry practice that complemented our own knowledge, and importantly, allowed us to share experiences with each other which brought the subject material to life. I cannot recommend this course enough."

"The course outline covered all the principal topics for any person leading a BID. 
I found each session to be informative and challenging. Each week I found a number of important takeaways which encouraged me to review my BID processes. The session on my own leadership style and how it might affect others was of particular interest and has certainly made me reflect and make changes in my style and how I respond to my colleagues. I suspect this will be ‘work in progress’ for some time to come.

Also of note was the session on “Communicating with the Media”. I could have arrogantly said I had nothing to learn from this session. How wrong was I. It gave me more tools and more insight into what my strategy and follow up should contain. A thoroughly worthwhile eight weeks which has broadened my knowledge and me as a BID leader."

"BID leaders are increasingly expected to have knowledge in so many areas of business - people management, governance, finance, employment law, marketing - and are expected to apply those in the context of unprecedented and complex place-shaping challenges. The Diploma in BID Leadership is an excellent programme to build your Swiss Army Knife of BID leadership skills, and provides you with an invaluable network of fellow BID professionals to work with, as BID leaders collectively consider the essential role we increasingly play in the recovery plans of our towns and cities."


Wendy Bell, Crawley Town Centre BID

Sara Tupper, Chelmsford For You

Lyndsay Smith, Coventry BID

Katy Paddock, Colmore Business District

Matthew Chapman, Harrogate BID

Livia Caruso, Hammersmith BID

Sam Good,   Our Colchester

Sophia Beckford, Our Colchester

Simon Jenner, BID Leicester

James Dunham, BID Leicester

Josie Parr, BID Leicester

Aaron Finn, Hatton Garden BID


Jill Farnsworth, Watford BID

Nicola Grant, Positively Putney

Matthew John, MyMiltonKeynes

Sarah Davis, Winchester BID

Gail McGibbon, Sligo BID

Karen Morledge, Minehead BID

Abigail Pilling, Rhyl BID

Rachel Fitzgerald, Southport BID


Cherry Shine, Wolverhampton City Centre BID

Jodie McAndrew, Collectively Camberley

Gavin Stewart, Brilliant Brighton

Sharon Clarke, Worthing BID

Paul Spencer, Winchester BID

Danielle McRorie-Smith, Go Forth Stirling

Natasha Patel, Your Acton BID

Ian Sandison, Cambridge BID

Cyril Bekoe, Ilford BID

Sally Gilborn, North Notts BID

Vicky Lee, Bristol City Centre BID

Lucy Stanford, Nottingham BID


Mike Crane, Uxbridge BID

Craig Hurring, Love Wimbledon BID

Sophie Alexander, Ipswich Central

Melanie Beck, MyMiltonKeynes

Mike Truelove, Hereford BID

Chris Travers, Orpington 1st

Steve Bluff, Bristol Broadmead