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Bb Accreditation is the industry recognised standard, externally assessed by independent auditors, and designed in line with the Business Plan Criteria and the National Guiding Principles for a BID.

The Accreditation process can be completed online.

Accreditation provides an assessment of the following BID components;

Evaluates the selection process and effectiveness of the board, directors and members of the BID.

Management and Operations
Evaluates the staffing structure, contracts and appraisals. This theme also covers insurance policies and data protection.

Evaluates the BID financial systems, ensuring professional and transparent procedures.

Performance Management
Evaluates the methods used by the BID to review performance and ensuring the views of levy payers are fed back in to reflect the changing needs of the area.

Communication and Reporting
Evaluates the BID’s communications activity, focussing on how processes and activities are reported to levy payers and how return on investment for levy payers is assessed.

  • Gives BID Managers and their BID Boards reassurance/peace of mind - advises them on the things they need to do to run a well-managed BID.
  • Provides positive endorsement from British BIDs, the Industry Body evidencing the quality of work the BID undertakes and its robust governance procedures.
  • Increases operational effectiveness and improves standards through a comprehensive review – helps BIDs be the best they can be through advice on how to operate successfully.
  • Provides reassurance to levy payers that the BID has effective governance in place and is accountable, transparent and trustworthy therefore giving confidence to businesses that their levy is in safe hands.
  • Helps with BID renewals - accreditation adheres to the National BID Industry Criteria which many voters from multiple chains follow when it comes to voting in BID ballots so accredited BIDs can refer to this in their renewal business plan.
  • Provides feedback on the BID’s processes to relay to Board and for use in any BID literature.
  • Provides a certificate for BIDs who meet the criteria for accreditation – can be used on BID literature, email footers etc and for display in office.

"The accreditation process really helped when writing up the business proposals for our ballot." - James Payne, Projects Officer, Your Pontypridd BID

“I found the process effective and efficient with excellent communications from British BIDs membership support. We used the process as part of our company mid term review for which it certainly helped us look afresh at our BID and provided reassurance on the practices and processes we have in place. Like any business development is important, the accreditation process helped this by identifying areas we could improve and develop which we have now implemented.” – Russell Greenslade, Chief Executive, Swansea BID

"Going through the accreditation enabled the company to take a step back and re-evaluate how we are operating, look at what we are doing well, and where we can improve. It also provided the Board with a certain level of confidence about how the company is managed, while identifying areas where we can improve, something the Board are always keen to do. The checklist of the documents required is exceptionally useful as is the support provided by British BIDs. Watford BID was successful in its application for accreditation which has provided the Board and our levy payers with confidence about the way the company is managed and the way we work and communicate with our levy payers and stakeholders. I would recommend Bb accreditation to other BIDs." - Maria Manion, Chief Executive, Cambridge BID

"The Soho Road BID board are over the moon to be the first BID in West Midlands to have achieved the British BIDs accreditation. We used the accreditation process during our first term re-ballot the process gave us the perfect opportunity to highlight our strengths and identify areas where we could improve which we have already started implementing. This accreditation will provide our board, partners and levy payers with the confidence that the company is being managed to a high standard and the security that we have a robust and transparent governance system." - Bob Balu, Chairman, Soho Road BID

The process is extremely straightforward and comes in five stages;

  • Application Form
  • Self-Assessment (online)
  • Pre-Audit Assessment
  • Audit
  • Final sign off from Accreditation Board (made up of National BIDs Advisory Board members).

Accreditation lasts for three years.

Once you have completed the self-assessment you will receive feedback from an independent auditor who will provide advice on your application. The next stage is to submit to the final assessment with any changes to be audited and signed off by the Accreditation Board.


  • Operating Agreement (must be signed)
  • Baseline Agreements
  • Memorandum and Articles
  • Terms of Reference for Board and any other working groups
  • List of Board members and the businesses/organisations they represent
  • Current business plan
  • Conflicts of Interest policy
  • Register of interest for boar

Management and Operations

  • Staff structure chart (if available or explanation of staffing hierarchy)
  • Example job description (confidential details can be removed)Memorandum and Articles - Example staff contract (confidential details can be removed)
  • Staff handbook
  • Staff appraisal template
  • Example of a third party contract (confidential details can be removed)
  • Procurement policy/financial arrangements
  • Copies of all insurance certificates
  • ICO Certificate
  • Privacy Policy


  • Breakdown of management and overhead costs (rather than the summary that usually appears in the business plan)
  • Annual BID levy letter (that goes out with BID bills) or another communication that demonstrates the BID is communicating with levy payer on what they are delivering
  • Confirmation of VAT number
  • Companies House for last financial year
  • Management Accounts or working financial files
  • Evidence of corporation tax exemption (where relevant)  

Performance Management

  • Documentation on project objectives, targets, KPI’s
  • Example of a levy payers’ survey
  • Consumer surveys (where relevant) 

Communications and Reporting

  • Example of levy payers’ communication e.g. newsletter
  • BID Marketing and Communications Plan/Strategy (for levy payers and consumers)
  • Evidence of an open event for levy payers 
  • Invite to AGM or other
  • Evidence of what return on investment the BID has achieved for levy payers (possibly from results of levy payers’ survey or testimonials) – i.e. cost savings, increased sales, less stock loss
  • New levy payer communication – letter, email or similar

The cost of accreditation is £975 for British BIDs members with their 25% discount. The cost for non-members is £1,300.

If you would like to receive more information regarding the accreditation process, please email mel.richardson@britishbids.info.

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