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About British BIDs

British BIDs (Bb) is the highly respected and long established organisation focused entirely on Business Improvement Districts (BIDs). Through the delivery of advice, training, products and services, our membership package provides access to the Bb team of BID practitioners who have a wealth of experience in the industry throughout the country.

There are benefits to becoming a Bb member for everybody involved in BIDs. From Chief Executives and Managers to Directors, Board members, Local Authorities and other stakeholders.

Membership Benefits

Bb membership saves you valuable time in researching information that it has at its finger tips. Particularly important for BIDs with smaller teams.

Membership helps BIDs save money by providing the knowledge you need to make the right decisions quickly. Minimising financial outlay.

Membership gives reassurance, as our advice will help you manage your BID efficiently and effectively. Helping it to be the best it can whilst giving you peace of mind.

Membership increases knowledge by providing you with the tools and know-how to develop a strong BID.

Membership helps to build strong BID teams and increas staff expertise and knowledge through the BBb training programmes and networking opportunities.

Membership increases sustainability and gives your BID the best chance of being renewed through our renewal advice and associated support services.

Full Bb membership benefits can be viewed here.

Do you work on an Industrial Estate or Business Park? Ask about membership to our Industrial BIDs Group. Find out more here.

"Watford BID has been a member of British BIDs for a number of years, including prior to being a BID. We have utilised a full range of services over the years, this has included support during the ballot process, through to accessing training to support the board and the team. However, one of the greatest benefits has been being part of a larger family or network of BIDs, the sharing of best practice, idea exchange and general support from colleagues from the country. We find the National BIDs Conference both informative and of value both for staff and the board members who attend. It provides a great place to network, improve knowledge and understanding of what is happening across the high street nationally." -  Maria Manion, Chief Executive, Watford BID