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National Voters Group

British BIDs hosts quarterly meetings with senior representatives responsible for voting in BID ballots from some of the UK’s largest national chains, including retail, hospitality and professional services. Representatives have signed up to be part of discussions on the industry and given that these businesses contribute the largest proportion of levy income towards many BID schemes, it is imperative to maintain a dialogue and hear their thoughts on BIDs.

British BIDs Head of Research Chris Turner said “These meetings are hugely positive with genuine interest on both sides to improve communications and to collaborate. Not only do the national levy payers make significant contributions towards BIDs, they also have a lot of knowledge and expertise on what’s important in our trading environments. It is very encouraging that they are so keen to engage to help shape and influence how our places evolve and prosper.”

Information and advice on working positively with the national levy payers is available to Bb members. For more information contact Mel Richardson on mel.richardson@britishbids.info