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Certificate In BID Management

The BID industry is increasing, and with the challenges that Covid-19 has presented us with, reassurance in the quality and qualifications of the those responsible for delivering the services is increasingly paramount to voters. The Certificate in BID Management (CiBM) qualification reassures voters that staff are in place with the appropriate skillset and that can be considered industry leaders. The course provides an opportunity to network with peers in the industry and covers all facets of the BID environment. The CiBM is the industry’s only formal qualification and since its launch in 2013 has established a proud record of assisting in graduate’s career development. Over 100 delegates from across 70 locations have undertaken the CiBM.

In the below video you can hear from some previous graduates. 

The CiBM is an 8 day course, aimed at those working for and with BIDs, that covers all aspects of working within a BID environment including:

  • Principles of BIDs
  • BID regulations and policy
  • BID Governance and levy rules
  • BID finances
  • Marketing and communications
  • Contract management
  • Employment law and personnel issues
  • Operational management of BIDs
  • Presenting tips and guidance

Delegates also complete a research study on the topic of their choice.

Day 1 - Induction & Principles of BIDs

  • Background to BIDs
  • The principles of establishing a BID
  • The BID ballot
  • The challenge to BIDs
  • Your structured research report

Day 2 - BID regulations & Policy

  • Understanding the BID regulations
  • National BID Criteria
  • Technical guidance

Day 3 - BID Governance, levy rules & finance

  • Governance structures
  • Good governance principles
  • Business plan essentials
  • Role & responsibilities of Directors

Day 4 - Research Methodology

  • Tips, advice and guidance on how to choose and undertake your research paper

Day 5 - Marketing & Comms in BIDs (AM)

  • What is a brand and what do you want from it?
  • Things to consider when preparing a marketing & communications plan for a BID
  • Preparing a marketing & communications plan for an event

Day 5 - Contract management & operations (PM)

  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Managing the BID operation
  • Contract law and management
  • Understanding budgets and cashflow
  • Managing risk
  • Managing expectations

Day 6 – Employment law & personnel issues

  • Steps to take to build employment relationships, manage a workforce and avoid litigation

Day 7 – Presentation skills - Research papers presentation tips, guidance & rehearsals

Advice and preparation on the presentation on the chosen research topic including;

  • Considering and applying the core steps to being a good presenter
  • Understanding and applying some top tips for delivering effective presentations to any audience
  • Effective verbal and body language

Day 8 – Presentations day

  • Presentation delivered to panel

Class One 2021

Claire Dumontier-Marriage, Cheapside Business Alliance
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Gail Buckland, Hemel Hempstead BID
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Lyndsay Smith, Coventry BID
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Nicki Palmer, Victoria BID
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Fran Inman, Bristol City Centre BID
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Natasha Heaphy, Discover Twickenham BID
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Joe Sentance, North Notts BID
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Cassy Staal, MyMiltonKeynes
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Emily Stedman, South Bank BID
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Richard Green, Mole Valley District Council
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Rachael Smith, Primera Group
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Class Two 2021

Gail McGibbon, Sligo BID
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Finbarr Filan, Sligo BID
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Dawn Rondeau, Weymouth BID
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Jenny Granshaw, Cambridge BID

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Kate Blenkinsop, Nottingham BID
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Ellen Fife, Wandsworth Town Centre BID
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James Mbanefo, Wandsworth Town Centre BID
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Kristian Foreman, Cambridge BID
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Yes! Please get in touch with us to book a place on class two.

The full schedule can be seen below.

Day 1: 15/06/21 - 10am

Subject: Induction & principles of BIDs

Tutors: Chris Turner, Ben Collins

Day 2: 16/06/21 - 10am

Subject: BID regulations & policy

Tutors: Ben Collins & Maria Chapman-Beer

Day 3: 13/07/21 - 10am

Subject: BID governance, levy rules & finance

Tutor: Chris Turner

Day 4: 14/07/21 - 10am

Subject: Research methodologies / Studying existing BID projects

Tutors: Chris Turner

Day 5: 27/07/20 - 10am

Subject: BID Management - Marketing & Communications in BIDs / Contract Management & Operations

Tutors: Fiona Wright & Steve Sawyer

Day 6: 28/07/20 - 10am

Subject: BID Management - Employment law & Personnel issues

Tutor: Richard Stace

Day 7: 14/09/21 - 10am

Subject: Presentations practice day (rehearsal, training and tips)

Tutor: Chris Barnard

Day 8: 23/09/21

Subject: Presentation and assessment day

If you are interested in the course please contact us on 0845 112 0118 for further details and pricing.

Bb members receive 25% off the CiBM qualification.

Cyril Bekoe, Ilford BID

"Joining the BID industry from an external sector, the British BIDs CiBM course has provided me the guidance and support to build a strong foundation on which I can better support my businesses and board. I would strongly recommend the course structure, content and facilitators."

Rachel Dingsdale, South Bank BID

"I would thoroughly recommend the CiBM having recently completed it. The teaching sessions gave a really comprehensive overview of the BID industry and the individual sessions were well presented and involved a good balance of teaching alongside peer to peer learning and collaboration. The chance to network with key figures in the BID world and meet colleagues from across a wide range of BIDs and learn from their experience was invaluable. The written dissertation element of the course gave the opportunity to engage in an in-depth investigation and while challenging was a really important element of the course."

Nick Bishop, Bath BID

"I recently completed the Certificate in BID Management and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has aspirations for a career in the BID industry. The course has provided me with comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of working in BIDs, and I now feel confident in communicating and delivering services to our levy payers. I really enjoyed meeting colleagues from BIDs all over the UK and sharing best practice with one and other. Thank you British BIDs."

Julie Frost, Romford BID

“Having just completed the CiBM I would definitely recommend the course to anyone involved in BIDs around the country. I am new to BID management and found all teaching sessions so helpful, with very knowledgeable presenters and the opportunity to share experience with fellow colleagues in the BID world. Due to covid-19 our course was all completed via Zoom so we did miss out on the personal contact however it did work well and I would highly recommend."

Susan Shaw, Richmond Council

“I enjoyed this very professional and comprehensive BID course and having the opportunity to meet other BID Managers from around the UK. Doing the research project was both demanding and rewarding at the same time!”

Matthew John, Hammersmith BID

“The Certificate in BID Management Course was superb learning experience and brought together so many elements to provide a rich and varied overview of BIDs. It has reinforced certain aspects of my work and helped me grow and develop other areas that I felt I needed support and guidance on. It was also very enjoyable to be with such an interesting group of colleagues and mentors, I would recommend it highly.”

Chris Travers, Orpington 1st

“The CIBM was a fantastic experience and one which I would thoroughly recommend to both aspiring and experienced BID personnel. It provided an excellent opportunity to network with peers and a comprehensive look at all aspects of working in the BID industry. The speakers were engaging and knowledgeable and offered unrivalled insights into their respective topics.”

Gordon Brockie, Hammersmith BID

“I would highly recommend British BID’s Certificate in BID Management course for those who want to deepen their understanding of the BID Industry. The quality of the content ensures that delegates completing the course are better positioned to deliver a well-rounded and professional range of services directly to their levy payers. Although the course can be a challenge, the material is presented by experienced and engaging speakers and you are fully supported throughout by the knowledgeable team at British BIDs"

Click here to read some of the dissertations from CiBM graduates


Johnny Englishby, MyMiltonKeynes

Suzanne Gloyne, Southend BID

Cyril Bekoe, Ilford BID

Vicky Lee, Bristol City Centre BID

Vicky Rogers, Halesowen BID

Sophia Beckford, Our Colchester BID

Nick Bishop, Bath BID

Adrian Cousins, Witham Industrial BID

Sarah Davis, Winchester BID

Paula Ratcliffe, Bristol City Centre BID

Olivia Murray, Ilford BID

Julie Frost, Romford BID

Rachel Dingsdale, South Bank BID

Katy Paddock, Colmore BID

Alex Powell, Kidderminster BID


Melanie Beck, MyMiltonKeynes

Abdel Najid, South Bank BID

Ilsa Butler, One Maidstone

Sam Good, Our Colchester

Neil Haggartay, South Bank BID

Amy Coulson, Nottingham BID

Chloe McNeil, Halifax BID

Livia Caruso, Hammersmith BID

Gordon Brockie, Hammersmith BID

Steve Bluff, Broadmead BID

Ellen Storrar, Richmond BID

Jack Cripps, Ipswich Central

Jodie MacAndrew, Collectively Camberley BID

Richard Buxton, Stoke-on-Trent City Centre BID

Selina Cresswell, Our Colchester BID

Vanessa Sharp, St Albans BID

Caron Linyard, Bexleyheath BID


Shahrukh Bhatty, South Bank BID

John Coward, Nottingham BID

James Dunham, BID Leicester

Jill Farnsworth, Watford BID

Sally Gilborn, North Notts BID

Glen Hempenstall, Uxbridge BID

Craig Hurring, South Bank BID

Simon Jenner, BID Leicester

Claudia Moore, Weymouth BID

Amie Mullen, Lowestoft Vision BID

Sam Murray, Manor Royal BID

Patricia Park, Successful Sutton BID

Indranie Sookdeo, South Bank BID

Paul Spencer, Winchester BID

Lucy Stanford, Nottingham BID

Leonna Staple, Twickenham BID

Amy Williams, Newcastle-Under-Lyme BID

Cheryl Williams, Colwyn BID


WIlma Sagoe, Ilford BID

Sarah Nelson, Mansfield BID

Jane Bastock, Winchester BID

Patrick Knight, Plymouth City Council

Mike Crane, Uxbridge BID

Diane Mansell, Soho Road BID

Nikki Rolls, Walsall Council

Gerry Barwick, Twickenham BID

Susan Shaw, Richmond Council

Mike Truelove, Hereford BID

Natalie Dickson, Nottingham BID

Daniel O'Neill, Acocks Green Village BID

Brian Albuquerque, Wandsworth Council

Marcia Greenwood, Northfield BID

Thomas Zane-Black, Your Bromley BID

Amy Sheppard, Winchester BID

Lorinda Freint, Wandsworth Council

Charlotte Wickins, Chichester BID

Tony Garrett, Bexleyheath BID


Steve Sawyer, Manor Royal BID

Matthew John, Hammersmith London

Nic Durston, Southbank BID

Nicola Grant, Putney Town Centre

Alicia Mosquito, Westside BID

Will Dyson, WeAreWaterloo

Chris Travers, Orpington 1st

Rupert Basham, HammersmithLondon


Jo Hawkins, Destination Bristol

Ross Feeney, Successful Sutton

Andrew Mitchell, Alloa BID

Tammy Sleet, Wimborne


Ben Collins, Ilford BID

Rebecca Handley, Kingstonfirst

Lee Walker, Ipswich Central

Katie Lindsey, Baker Street Quarter

Andrew Cooper, Bath BID

Maris Puks, Waterloo Quarter

Alison Shaw, BID Leamington

Josyanne Thatcher, Cornwall Council

Alison Dewey, Southend BID


Julie Thorneycroft, Northampton BID

Hasanul Hoque, Camden Town Unlimited

Frances Forrest, Vauxhall One

Ann Hunter, Ealing Broadway

BID Russell Downing, Newbury BID

Cherry Shine, Wolverhampton Council

Robin Hibbert, New West End Company

Catherine Turness, Winchester BID