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British BIDS Advisory Board

The British BIDs Advisory Board is made up of industry leaders, national BID voters, stakeholders, property developers and an observer position has been accepted by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG).

Professor Chris Turner, Chief Executive of Bb, said “The Board is invaluable in leading the work of British BIDs, steering its future growth, and providing leadership and policy advice to the wider industry. Our members remain our absolute priority and, in a rapidly changing landscape, the Board will help bring us even closer to the views within the industry, as well as providing advice on our future strategy.”

Terms of reference can be read here.

The current members are;

Nic Durston
South Bank Employers' Group
Sharon Appleby
Sunderland BID
Steve Sawyer
Manor Royal Industrial BID
Ian Sandison
Cambridge BID
Marc Myers
Maria Manion
Watford BID
Patricia Bench
Hammersmith BID
Katrina Mackay
Graeme Cormack
Ian Hayes
Ed Cooke
Toolbox Group
Ruth Duston