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National BIDS Advisory Board

The National BIDs Advisory Board (NBAB) is a group made up of various BID stakeholders. This includes levy paying businesses, BIDs and local authorities. NBAB considers and discusses a range of industry matters including the Bb administered Government Loan fund, industry research including the National BID Survey, National BID awards, policy matters, National BID Criteria, accreditation and more besides.

The board is made up of people across the BID community:

  • A cross section of individual BIDs representing different types and sizes
  • Representatives of British BIDs
  • Representatives of national levy payers
  • Ministry of Housing, Community and Local Government
  • Representatives of Local Authorities

The current NBAB members are;

Marc Myers
Ben Collins
British BIDs
Steve Sawyer
Manor Royal Industrial BID
Chris Turner
British BIDs CEO
Ian Sandison
Cambridge BID
Dee Corsi
New West End Company
Nic Durston
South Bank BID
Gemma Price
Jon Walton
Goforth Stirling
Lawrence Hewitt
St Albans and District Council
Patricia Bench
Hammersmith BID
Jon Hirst
Destination Bristol
Mel Richardson
Newham BID and British BIDs
Calum Ewing
Metro Bank
Ian Hayes