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BID Barometer - Q1 April 2021

Early in 2020, as the Covid-19 pandemic started, there was a concern across the BID industry that the pandemic would cause major problems with ballots, levy collection, enforcement, events, and the delivery of projects; we were concerned about the BID industry being transformed negatively by the pandemic, whilst never doubting the necessity of BIDs in managing its impacts, and in planning for recovery. 

Some of these concerns have proved unfounded, but there can be no doubt of the significance of the pandemic and its impact on the places that are the focus of our industry, BIDs have been extremely successful during this pandemic, as demonstrated by national ballot results and levy payment rates. 

However, the major industry change brought about by the pandemic has not just been about BIDs, ballots, and the collection of the levy. It is the changes that towns, city centres and out of town trading estates will be undergoing as a very different economy emerges following the growth of online business, e-commerce, working from home and people’s aspirations for a new way of working. We have yet to see the full outcome of some of these changes, but many BIDs are already demonstrating voice and leadership in shaping what this future looks like, whilst delivering to the immediate challenges of reopening and recovery. 

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