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British BIDs Membership

British BIDs (Bb) is the highly respected and long established organisation focused entirely on Business Improvement Districts (BIDs). Through the delivery of advice, training, products and services, our membership package provides access to the Bb team of BID practitioners who have a wealth of experience in the industry throughout the country.

There are benefits to becoming a Bb member for everybody involved in BIDs. From Chief Executives and Managers to Directors, Board members, Local Authorities and other stakeholders.

Bb members have access to:

  • Information, technical support and advice on all aspects of BIDs
  • Access to the entire Bb team of experienced industry practitioners
  • Expert HR Support (free access to Croner)
  • Access to research and industry insights including the National BID Survey and other reports, Guidance Papers and the National BID Criteria
  • Weekly Ballot Watch email
  • Contact details for Head Office voters*
  • A minimum of 25% discount on all training courses (including the Certificate in BID management)
  • 25% discount on Bb Accreditation
  • Training and Networking opportunities
  • 25% discount on all Bb events including the National BIDs conference and other events
  • Access to topical and informative webinars
  • 25% discount on BID Health Check Service
  • 25% discount on renewal support services
  • Business Plan Review Service
  • Recruitment support including job description templates

To find out more on all these topics, read on below.

To become a member call 0845 112 0118 or email contact@britishbids.info.

Members have access to the Bb team who will help with any questions or issues that may arise.

For many BIDs, this pragmatic support alone warrants becoming a member.

Advice and support is provided to members daily on all areas including BID development, regulations, governance, levy rules, renewals, voter information, performance management, financial management and more.

British BIDs members benefit from free access to Croner, an expert employment law and health & safety helpline. If you are a British BIDs member, you can find your Croner contact and reference number here

Please note, you need to be logged in to the British BIDs website as a member to be able to access this link.

The Helpline gives you access to telephone advice from a team of experts.

Your 24/7 Croner Telephone Business Support Helpline offers a range of support, including:

  • Employment Law advice
  • Health & Safety support
  • Commercial Legal help

Workplace Helpline advice includes:

Employment Law:

  • Disciplinary and grievance support
  • Gross misconduct and dismissal advice
  • Sickness absence management

Health & Safety:

  • Reporting an accident
  • Fire safety
  • Risk assessments
  • Hazardous substances

Commercial Legal:

  • Company Law
  • Landlord & Tenancy
  • Copyright & Patent
  • Disputes (Payment & Contractual)

About Croner:

  • Croner has over 80 years’ experience in business support
  • Croner’s purpose is to make the management of people and safety easier
  • Successful resolution in over 80% of Tribunal cases
  • Croner’s consultants have an average of 15 years’ industry experience

Members enjoy priority access to British BIDs research including the Annual Survey and Guiding Principles for BIDs.

Our regular Ballot Watch service provides crucial industry insight and information on forthcoming BID ballots. 

Regularly updated to ensure BIDs are able to communicate with the correct contacts. To obtain this, please email us.

* Please note, to access any national voter database, you must be entering your second year of membership

Bb offers access to a wide variety of training courses as well as our Professional Development Day each Spring. The Certificate in BID Management (CiBM) is the industry’s only formal qualification. Designed for BID employees who have identified BIDs as a career and who wish to achieve an award that recognises their specialism. The Diploma in BID Leadership (DiBL) naturally follows on from the CiBM and offers further personal development. Delegates graduate at the National BID conference in November.

Get in touch with us if there is a bespoke training course or subject you would like us to provide training on.

A minimum of 25% discount is offered on course fees for members. All courses are currently taking place via Zoom.

Accreditation is the industry recognised standard for well-managed BIDs. Bb will assess your BID in terms of governance, management, finances, performance management, communications and reporting linked to our document, National Guiding Principles for a BID. Achieving the award is an endorsement that your BID is delivering good governance in line with industry standards demonstrating to levy payers that you are open, transparent and accountable. Accreditation also helps BID teams through the process of putting the right structures into your BID. Members receive a 25% discount.

Find more information on our Accreditation program here.

There are opportunities to network with peers at events including the The National BIDs conference, Professional Development Day and other member events.

Our Business Plan Criteria provides BIDs with a checklist of essential requirements to consider when creating a business plan. This is to ensure that the expectations of voters are adhered to. With this in mind, membership includes a draft business plan review service whereby we provide feedback to ensure it meets the required criteria before it is finalised and distributed to voters.

Our Recruitment Support offers a suite of options which allows you to decide the level of assistance required to meet your specific needs. We also provide job description templates. View more details here or email us on contact@britishbids.info.

Our BID Health Check is an independent review which allows the BID Company to assess the BID’s operations and performance and to find out what the levy payers think of the BID at a point in time. This allows the BID to respond to feedback and implement any recommendations ahead of the ballot for the next term. This is a bespoke service with additional options tailored to suit the BID’s requirements.

Find out more by clicking here.