Become A British BIDs Member

British BIDs (Bb) is the highly respected and long established organisation focused entirely on Business Improvement Districts (BIDs). Through the delivery of advice, training, products and services, our membership package provides access to the Bb team of BID practitioners who have a wealth of experience in the industry throughout the country. 2018 saw us grow to our largest membership ever.

There are benefits to becoming a Bb member for everybody involved in BIDs. From Chief Executives and Managers to Directors, Board members, Local Authorities and other stakeholders.

When you become a member you will have access to:

  • Information, support and advice plus online chat function
  • Research through our National BID Survey, Guiding Principles and the National BID Criteria
  • Weekly Ballot result emails
  • Contact details for Head Office voters upon request
  • The BID Academy, including the Certificate in BID Management (CiBM)
  • Two Free Courses (Delivering a successful BID ballot Campaign & Governance & responsibilities of a BID Board)
  • 25% off all training courses
  • Accreditation
  • Networking Opportunities with our Members networking events – including our annual National BIDs conference and Professional Development Day
  • Policy and Guidance papers
  • Business Plan Review Service
  • Opportunity to advertise through our Job Bank service
  • Job description templates plus Access to our newly launched Recruitment Support service

To find out more on all these topics read on below.

To become a member talk to Drew on 07517 996851 or email

Bb assists dozens of established and developing BIDs on a weekly basis with technical advice, support and queries. The Bb team provides knowledge on scenarios including BID development, governance, finances, levy rules and renewals. We engage with around 100 queries a month.

Members enjoy priority access to research conducted by British BIDs including the National BID Survey, Guiding Principles and the National BID Criteria, produced in partnership with major levy paying organisations.

Our weekly Ballot Watch service provides crucial information on forthcoming BID ballots. Other forms of insights include a focus on policy matters, blogs, case studies and more.

Regularly updated to ensure BIDs are able to communicate with the correct contacts. To obtain this, please email us.

A variety of training courses are available including the Certificate in BID Management (CiBM). British BIDs provided training to over 100 people in 2017. Members receive 25% discount on all BID Academy courses.

Satisfy the criteria that is set by key industry partners by achieving British BIDs accreditation. Accreditation independently assesses a BIDs governance, management, finances, performance management, communications and reporting. BIDs can now choose to submit their accreditation audit online. Members receive a 25% discount.

There are opportunities to network with peers at events including the annual conference, Professional Development Days, Marketing Forums and member exclusive gatherings.

Aimed at providing BIDs with the key facts on the critical issues. These guidelines focus on a variety of key topics, all linked in to The Business Improvement Districts (England) Regulations 2004. New papers can be found here every month for Bb members to access.

Our National BID Criteria provides BIDs with a checklist of essential requirements to consider when creating a business plan. This is to ensure that the expectations of voters are adhered to. With this in mind, membership includes a draft business plan review service whereby we provide feedback to ensure it meets the required criteria before it is finalised and distributed to voters.

The British BIDs Recruitment Support offers you a suite of options which allows you to decide the level of assistance required to meet your specific needs. View more details here.