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New Term Support

When it comes to the next term of your BID, different BIDs require different levels of support and in different areas of the process.

From ensuring that all of the legal deadlines are met, that effective business consultation takes place, that the business plan contains all of the required information and ensuring the local authority are meeting their obligations with the ballot process, there is a lot to consider.

British BIDs provides support based on the specific needs of your BID, in the areas that you need it.

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and how our experienced team can provide the exact support you need.

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“It was so helpful to have the British BIDs team on board throughout our renewal process. We are a small team and having a dedicated Account Manager made us feel so much more confident. We also had access to a wider team with skills in all areas of BID renewal which is something we couldn’t have found anywhere else. Going to ballot is tough with businesses facing so many challenges, but we’re so thankful to our businesses for supporting us and Bb for their support.” - Vicky Etheridge, BID Manager, Discover Kings Lynn