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BID Health Check

What is the BID Health Check?

Our BID Health Check is an independent review which allows the BID company to assess the BID’s operations, performance, governance and also potentially find out what the levy payers think of the BID at a point in time.

What can British BIDs offer?

British BIDs (Bb) offers a bespoke service tailored to your BID’s needs, which can include all or some of the elements shown below. Additional work can be carried out dependent upon your requirements.

  • Governance - Assess the way the BID operates including its governance policies, procedures and structures to ensure it is open, transparent and accountable allowing improvements to be made. BIDs opting for Bb Accreditation at the same time or later will be assessed on this documentation as part of that process.
  • Performance - Assess the BID’s performance against the pledges made in the business plan, noting areas to focus on for the remainder of the term, highlighting successes and flagging any areas of concern. The review will make a distinction between what has been delivered and what has been achieved and the outputs, outcomes and impacts measured against the BID’s KPIs.
  • Levy Payer Evaluation - Understand what levy payers think of the BID to enable the BID team to use this feedback to make any appropriate changes for the remainder of the term. This can be completed through a levy payers survey designed by Bb and managed by the BID to gather a response from a cross section of businesses. Bb will then analyse the results in a brief report with conclusions and recommendations.
  • Renewal Ready - Assess how ‘renewal ready’ the BID is ahead of the countdown to the end of its term.

To enable the Health Check to be carried out effectively, the BID is required to provide information including some financial reports and to chase survey responses. The participation of the BID Manager/Chief Executive in making an initial self-assessment of how the projects and services have been delivered together with outcomes will also be required.

Each BID will receive a report at the end of the process to be shared with Board Directors and levy payers should the company wish to do so.

Worcester BID

"Worcester BID appointed British BIDs to provide a comprehensive review of all aspects of the BID. This included a review on governance and compliance, staffing and contractor structure and financial checks. Project delivery and KPIs against the business plan and renewal ballot readiness was also reviewed. As I was reasonably new to post, I obviously found this to be a very useful exercise but the existing team and board also found it meaningful, allowing for everyone to take stock and celebrate achievements but also highlight projects for immediate focus. The recommendations contained within the report formed our following year’s strategic plan and have since been put into action" – Phoebe Dawson, CEO

Why Choose British BIDs to undertake your review?

  • We are the nationally recognised BID body well respected and long established with an excellent track record of supporting both developing and established BIDs.
  • We employ BID practitioners whom operate BIDs themselves and therefore understand the issues, challenges, highs and lows of running a BID and have up to date knowledge and expertise. 
  • We publish the National BID Industry Criteria on behalf of the National BID Advisory Board; the criteria is used by many national voters to inform their voting decisions when it comes to ballot – within these criteria, an independent review is recommended.
  • We publish the Guiding Principles of a BID and operate the industry recognised Accreditation award.
  • We are proven to save a BIDs time, money and provide reassurance to BID Managers and their Boards.
  • We provide independent advice.

The cost is dependent upon the components required.

For more information, please contact mel.richardson@britishbids.info