Ballot Buddy

Remote, expert guidance for developing or renewing a BID

Remote, expert guidance for developing or renewing a BID

Developing or renewing a BID is not an easy thing to do. 

Sometimes, locations will employ consultants to help them develop their BID and this will involve those consultants managing and operating the entire process. 

However, many places already have established teams and significant support for the concept. They don’t need consultants to provide ‘on the ground’ support, but instead need remote, expert technical guidance throughout the process. 

‘Ballot Buddy’ is designed for places such as these. Providing expertise that will significantly increase your chances of success. What we do is offer you the helping hand you will need and provide a comprehensive timeline, templates of every document you will require along with good examples. 

British BIDs have developed ‘The i5 Stages of BID Development’ which has been successful every time that it has been used. The five stages are Feasibility, Planning, Local Authority, Campaign and Establishment. 

Your dedicated account manager will guide you through each aspect of BID development, ensuring that you take the correct steps to maximise your chances of success. 

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