National BID Survey

Our industry is made up of nearly 300 BIDs, therefore the National BID Survey is becoming increasingly important in understanding the current BID landscape. The survey gives us an opportunity to gain an insight into how BID models are evolving and developing and we are pleased to say that this is now open! The survey covers all BID types in the British Isles, and we invite BID Managers or Chief Executives to respond to this 12th annual survey.

We very much appreciate your assistance in gathering these data but recognise that your time is limited. For this reason we keep the number of questions being asked to a minimum. As the information provided will be pooled and analysed, accuracy of responses is important. Please note that where applicable, all questions relate to the financial year 2017/18 or your BID’s equivalent last accounting period.  We would recommend that you have easy access to your business plan and BID budget/HR details in order to fill in the survey.

We are currently compiling the results for this years survey and will be releasing our finding at this years National BIDs Conference

Once you begin submitting your responses to the survey, you have the option to complete it in multiple sittings. Each response has a unique URL. Please see below for instructions on how to retrieve your survey response. (Sadly if you don’t follow these instructions step by step you wont be able to return to the survey at a later date)

1) Ensure you fill in all asterisks fields first (this is basic contact information).
2) If you then need to take a break from your response and return to the survey at a later date, please scroll to the very bottom of the survey and click ‘submit’. This will save everything you have done up until now.
3) You will be directed to a page which says ‘Your response has been recorded’ along with a hyperlink below which says ‘ Edit your response’.
4) Click ‘Edit your response’ where your survey will open. (Note: Don’t click the ‘open blank form’ pop-up in bottom left hand corner).
5) Copy the URL for this page and keep it stored safely. THIS IS YOUR UNIQUE URL to enable you to re-visit the survey.
6) Pick up where you left off with your unique URL.
7) Ensure you scroll to the bottom of the survey and click ‘submit’ each time you decide to come out of the survey to ensure your work is saved.

Thank you all who responded to the National BID Survey 2017. We very much appreciate your assistance in gathering this data.

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