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Industry insights and news including Bb Chief Executive Professor Chris Turner's observations, thoughts, updates and announcements can be found below.

Our rapidly evolving workspaces

Covid has been a massive home working experiment and it’s made us realise that we don’t need to go to an office to sit at a desk from 9 - 5. We discussed this in depth at our recent webinar on flexible working and the rapid changes in our workspaces...


British BIDs appointed to support Swindon renewal ballot

We are delighted to be working with inSwindon BID, offering them support with their renewal through Ballot Buddy. Working closely with the British BIDs team, the BID will benefit from planning, modelling, research and communications support.The inSwindon BID is due to go to ballot in late 2021.Commenting on this appointment, Chief Executive...


May's Insight from Chris Turner - 2021

May 17th brought change again to our high streets, with the opening of pubs and bars indoors, and public buildings becoming more accessible to groups of people. This changed much of the work of BIDs, and it has brought life and some vivacity back to our high streets. There are...


Indoor service please

We’re really excited at British BIDs HQ to see more of our hospitality and leisure sectors reopening from today. We recently popped into the beautiful market town of Saffron Walden (virtually) in the latest of our reopening conversations. The BID reports that since the initial reopening 5 weeks ago, the...



by Christopher Stille, Gala Lights Managing Director It is great to see High Streets reopening and people returning to BIDs around the country. The ‘new normal’ is underway and people are returning to public places with friends, family and colleagues. After the surge in demand for lights last Christmas, we...


Evidence to The Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee on Permitted Development Rights

Introduction We have had a variety of discussions with our members on permitted development in respect of large-scale development, commercial-to-residential conversions and changes of use between different types of commercial and retail premises. We have also discussed the matter with colleagues in a wide range of organisations with an interest...


Amazon clicks and thirsty punters… now for business rates

Amazon, the world’s biggest online retailer is back in the headlines today, reporting its net sales rising by 44pc to $108.5 billion in Q1 2021. It’s far from gloomy for our high streets however as newly reopened pubs and restaurants this month sold twice as many drinks as they did before the...


Welcome people back to your high street with Plantscape’s floral displays

With the UK’s pubs and restaurants slowly opening, businesses and town centres are coming up with innovative ways of ensuring social distancing measures can be adhered to whilst retaining a relaxed and attractive atmosphere for visitors. The Welcome Back Fund is providing councils across England a share of £56 million...


High streets a part of life?

High streets are a part of life, ‘a permanent part of being human’ says Primark’s boss after reporting record sales last week.  We couldn’t agree more. Yes, high streets may be undergoing drastic change, and we believe their future is a good mix of businesses, quality homes, green spaces, libraries...


BIDlife - Send us your reopening photos

How was your reopening? Share your photos with us! Monday was a huge day for our industry, as we saw the reopening of non-essential retail, beauty, gyms, outdoor dining and much more. After a long three months in what was our third lockdown, it's great to see businesses begin to...


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