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Industry insights and news including Bb Head of Research Chris Turner's observations, thoughts, updates and announcements can be found below.

10 key considerations from The National BIDs Conference

Last week’s National BIDs Conference included a broad range of topics from Retail trends, Government policy, right through to Arts and Culture. One week on, here’s a quick round-up of the key messages from the day. Last week’s National BIDs Conference included a broad range of topics from Retail trends...


October's Insight by Chris Turner

Only a month ago, in the September Insight, we were speaking of a new Prime Minister and Chancellor, with a new growth strategy! Much has clearly changed and continues to change. BIDs are having to keep abreast of the developments as they affect our levy payers, their energy bills and...



Our high streets, towns and cities are facing big challenges this winter from a medley of rising energy bills, inflation, staffing issues and consumers tightening their belts — and we’re pleased to see the new Prime Minister and her team responding with their series of announcements this week. On Wednesday...


September's Insight by Chris Turner

The death of the Queen last week was terrible news, and many will be feeling saddened and shaken by this tragic event. For most of us, Her Majesty had always been part of our lives, and it is very difficult to process the news that she has passed away. She...


National BID Awards 2022

Congratulations to this year’s National BID Winners. The National BID Awards 2022 gave BIDs the opportunity to tell us about an admirable project that they have delivered. We had a record number of entries, with almost 70 BIDs entering the three categories; Place Marketing, Place Management and Special Recognition. The...


August's insight by Chris Turner

We are very much at the height of the summer and BIDs are actively involved in events and levy payer support; we are also starting to plan for Christmas! Despite the summer we have seen four ballots in the last four weeks, and they have all been successful; we congratulate...


July's Insight by Chris Turner

We are now entering high summer and this week we have all had some of the highest temperatures in living memory! This is clearly affecting BIDs up and down the British Isles as we help both levy payers, customers and clients by way of advice on over-heating and provision of...


Leadership race: Businesses need competent hands on the tiller

By Chris Turner, Chief Executive, British BIDs So, the Prime Minister is on his way out, we find ourselves in the middle of a leadership race, and in a month or so, we’ll have a new resident inside Number 10. Businesses are dealing with the aftermath of the pandemic and...



As we enter midsummer much is happening in the BID community. Ballots are continuing more slowly in the summer, with successful outcomes in Cowpen Lane Industrial Bid, My Shawlands and Dublin Town. Eight new cities were named for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. Milton Keynes, Colchester and Doncaster in England, Dunfermline...


Greening our cities

Guest blog by Mike Mounfield, Project Manager, Colmore BID ‘Going Green’ is the ambitious green infrastructure masterplan we’ve been working on at Colmore BID. Ultimately it is a toolkit that is available to anyone who wants to use it — perhaps they have a location in mind that could be...


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