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Industry insights and news including Bb Chief Executive Professor Chris Turner's observations, thoughts, updates and announcements can be found below.

Getting back on track

Last week the rail industry warned that unless workers start taking the train again, there could be long-term adverse effects on city centres and High Streets. We took this opportunity to catch up with Ruth Duston OBE, OC, Managing Director at Primera and British BIDs Advisory Board member.  Ruth Duston...


August's Insight from Chris Turner

August is a time of holidays and for many BIDs across the country that means massively increased footfall, and a dramatic return to normal. Work we are doing with TownandPlace.AI, who are a provider of footfall, visitor behaviour and tourism data for over 2,300 town centres across the UK, suggests...


The future health of our High Street Businesses

As UK businesses reopen fully, the need to reassure consumers that the issue of safe, clean indoor air in our shops, offices and the hospitality sector is being addressed, is vital. Any business that relies on people entering their premises needs to demonstrate that this previously over-looked and undervalued commodity...


July's Insight from Chris Turner

This month sees the next stage of the Covid reopening, and for many it cannot come soon enough. There is a slow return to normal in some BIDs, but life is still demanding in many others. Some of the key data sets for June are presented by Dr Regine Sonderland Saga of...


Freedom day is coming… and BIDs are performing an incredible public service

We had a big announcement from the Prime Minister this week where he set out the details of his planned unlocking for the final step of his roadmap – on 19 July. Pretty much all Covid rules, including face masks, social distancing, and home working look set to become optional...


June's Insight from Chris Turner

It is now midsummer; the reopening has been put off for a further four weeks and BIDs across the four administrations are flat-out with levy payers, helping them return to full operational activities. Some BIDs are planning their next ballots, many are working with their local authorities on collecting their...



Share your BID area photos with us! We love to see your town and city centres thriving, and we are always keen to share what your BID and businesses are up to on our social media channels. So, we're asking for your reopening pictures, town/city pictures, campaigns, and anything else that...


Our rapidly evolving workspaces

Covid has been a massive home working experiment and it’s made us realise that we don’t need to go to an office to sit at a desk from 9 - 5. We discussed this in depth at our recent webinar on flexible working and the rapid changes in our workspaces...


British BIDs appointed to support Swindon renewal ballot

We are delighted to be working with inSwindon BID, offering them support with their renewal through Ballot Buddy. Working closely with the British BIDs team, the BID will benefit from planning, modelling, research and communications support.The inSwindon BID is due to go to ballot in late 2021.Commenting on this appointment, Chief Executive...


May's Insight from Chris Turner - 2021

May 17th brought change again to our high streets, with the opening of pubs and bars indoors, and public buildings becoming more accessible to groups of people. This changed much of the work of BIDs, and it has brought life and some vivacity back to our high streets. There are...


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