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Industry insights and news including Bb Chief Executive Professor Chris Turner's observations, thoughts, updates and announcements can be found below.

Look back on lockdown - BIDs

BIDs play a crucial role in managing our town and city centres, and that didn't stop when we entered lockdown on 23rd March. Since then, BIDs have been extremely busy keeping levy payers updated with relevant news, and keeping towns and cities safe and secure, ready for the reopening that took place on 15th...


June's Insight from Chris Turner

This month has clearly been dominated by the reopening of a wave of retail outlets on our high streets in England, although in Wales and Scotland that has yet to take place. For the past three months, the BID community has been immersed in looking after, nurturing and keeping safe...


From BBC news, to virtual meetings & training, we reflect on the past 3 months

Yesterday saw the long-awaited reopening of shops for our town and city centres in England. In the lead-up to this, the team at British BIDs have worked hard to provide as much support as we can to BIDs and key stakeholders.  By leading the BID industry, we have supported more...


BBC News Channel - Professor Christopher Turner

A number of safety measures have been put in place across our town and city centres to encourage shoppers back following the virus pandemic. Our Chief Executive, Chris Turner discusses this live on BBC News. ...


Industrial and Business Park BIDs share good practice with virtual networking sessions

Since lockdown, a group of 20 Industrial and Business Park BIDs have met twice via virtual networking calls to discuss issues, share good practice and provide support.  The group, chaired by Steve Sawyer who manages Manor Royal BID near Gatwick Airport, and who is also on the British BIDs Advisory Board...


New research on BIDs and the 'new normal'

Working in collaboration with Nottingham BID and NEF Consulting, British BIDs today unveils new research, which explores the impacts of COVID-19 for the BID industry.  Titled 'BIDs and their 'new normal: Their response to the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020', the research is underpinned by in-depth research into the wider perceptions of...


Important announcement: MHCLG BID Loan Fund

British BIDs (Bb) has acted for the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) in administering the BID Loan Fund since September 2013. In that time, we have helped to support 23 locations through successful BID development, generating £47,174,592 of additional investment in those places. In 2013, we agreed to support...


Ed Cooke joins British BIDs Advisory Board

The former CEO of Revo has been announced as the newest addition to the British BIDs’ (Bb) Advisory Board. Ed Cooke brings a wealth of experience of the retail and property landscape to the Board and he will provide the Board with invaluable insight into evolving global and consumer trends. Ed...



It was exactly 7pm on Monday 23rd March that the ‘world’ changed, probably forever. The UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, addressed us as to the impending threat of COVID-19 and locked down a nation. BID areas were forcibly brought to halt for all but businesses within the category ‘essential’. In the subsequent weeks...



COVID-19 has introduced a new pastime for the UK population as lockdown has persisted. So, for this week’s TWTBbWTW, we thought we would review the week with 7 questions covering the main daily topics. Let’s see how clever you are: Q1 Monday 11th May – Bb launched a new toolkit...


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