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Industry insights and news including Bb Head of Research Chris Turner's observations, thoughts, updates and announcements can be found below.

March's BID Insight from Chris Turner

This Insight for March heralds the beginning of spring, and BIDs are becoming increasingly active with events, experiences, festivals and some very key strategic activities with local authorities and other stakeholders. There have been seven ballots in the last four weeks, with successes for Reading, Reading Abbey Quarter, Lanark, Visit Inverness Lochness, Royston...


BID Loan Fund Workshops with the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG)

Today British BIDs hosted some BID Loan Fund Support workshops. The sessions were organised to provide those considering bidding for funds with advice, support, and common mistakes to avoid in pulling together their proposals. The day offered robust insight and led to excellent feedback from our delegates. Those who travelled...


Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee - New Policy Issues

We would like to bring to your attention some new policy issues that have emerged from the two recent House of Commons select committees and on which we are gathering evidence from members.As you will know from my last Insight, the House of Commons select committee on Housing, Communities and Local...


Celebrating 25 Years in Christmas Lighting - Gala Lights

By Christopher Stille, Gala Lights Managing Director This year sees Gala Lights mark a significant milestone - 25 years in the Christmas lighting industry. The company was founded in 1994 as Christmas lights were moving away from traditional sockets and bulbs product, to LED garlands, and embracing the significant energy-savings this...


February's BID Insight from Chris Turner

We are now entering a busy time for all of us. Ballots are starting with a vengeance and we congratulate This is Clapham for their success last week. Upcoming ballots include Reading and Reading Abbey Quarter, Visit Inverness Loch Ness, Salisbury, Royston, Gloucester Roadand Brackmills. We wish them well. The British BIDs Professional Development Day will take place in Watford...


InLinkUK - New to our Suppliers Portal

Many of the UK’s high streets have been through a difficult few years. The perfect storm of people having less disposable income, increasing business rates, and the rise of online shopping, have created a landscape where even high-street heavyweights are closing stores and evaluating their options for continued existence...



A Happy New Year to you all and I hope your year has started with zest and enthusiasm. We are in a complex world, with the European Union outcome yet to resolve itself and thus much government business on hold and a very difficult Christmas period for some of our...



This last month has been extremely busy with ballots. Clearly with over ballots 50 a year, and the tendency to peak in the spring and the autumn, there will be a large number in these last few months. We thus welcome three new BIDs in Clapham Junction and Battersea, Rhyl, and...


Thank you to our British BIDs members

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to our members for their ongoing support in 2018. This year has seen us grow to our largest membership ever.We had a very successful National BIDs Conference in November with over 180 delegates attending. Our Professional Development Day back in April was also fully booked...



After the activity of last month, ballot life hasn’t slowed down! We have recorded fourteen ballots in the last four weeks and all were successful. Of these, eight were renewals; Blackburn, Otley, Eastleigh, Brixton, Shrewsbury, Soho Road, Alloa Town Centre, and Newcastle NE1. Six were new BIDs: Bradford, Brighouse, Rochdale, Harrogate...


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