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Industry insights and news including Bb Head of Research Chris Turner's observations, thoughts, updates and announcements can be found below.

August's BID Insight from Chris Turner

August has been slightly slower on the ballot front, very much as usual. We congratulate Witham Industrial Estate, Eastbourne, Redditch and Great Yarmouth on their successful ballot results. Both Redditch and Eastbourne are new BIDs and Eastbourne was a recipient of Bb/MHCLG loan funding; both are especially welcomed to the BID community. One...


July's BID Insight from Chris Turner

The last month has been very busy in the BID community. We have had 10 successful ballots in Chester, Dunfermline, South Bank, Slough, Kingston, Northwich, Canterbury, Bermondsey, Gadbrooke, and Huddersfield. Both Slough and Huddersfield were new developing BIDs, and some of the turnouts and success levels have been very good indeed...


June's Insight from Professor Chris Turner

Life is getting splendidly busy across the BID community as the summer arrives. We have ballots in Canterbury, Bermondsey and Huddersfield which started last week, and we wish them well. We are awaiting results from Slough, Kingston, South Bank, Northwich and Chester whose results come out next week or the...


British BIDs appointed to support West Bromwich BID for renewal ballot

We are delighted to be working alongside West Bromwich BID, offering them comprehensive support for their 2020 renewal. We will be working closely with Lisa Hill, the BID Manager through Ballot Buddy. Providing support on all aspects on the renewal process. Ensuring that all legal and technical obligations and deadlines...


British BIDs appointed to support Sheffield BID with 2020 renewal ballot

We are delighted to be working with Sheffield BID, offering them support with their renewal through Ballot Buddy. Working closely with the British BIDs team, Sheffield BID will benefit from planning, modelling, policy, research and communications support.The Sheffield BID is due to go to ballot in the first quarter of 2020.Commenting on...


May's Insight from Professor Chris Turner

As we move from Spring into early Summer, BIDs are becoming increasingly active. Despite the world appearing to be changing dramatically with high street closures, local elections, administration changes, and Brexit to contend with, there have been a number of great BID ballot results including successes in Milngavie and St...


April's Insight from Professor Chris Turner

We have Easter ahead of us and a busy time for many BIDs, as their events and experiences come centre stage. It has also been busy in the policies arena, with parliament and Government activity on both the High Street and business rates. The Brexit agenda is also still naturally engaging the...


Debenhams Administration - Guidance for BIDs

It has been announced that Debenhams is now in the control of its lenders as part of a pre-pack administration process. The lenders are made up of High Street banks and US hedge funds including Barclays, Bank of Ireland and GoldenTree. Debenhams has 165 stores, which will initially continue...


March's BID Insight from Chris Turner

This Insight for March heralds the beginning of spring, and BIDs are becoming increasingly active with events, experiences, festivals and some very key strategic activities with local authorities and other stakeholders. There have been seven ballots in the last four weeks, with successes for Reading, Reading Abbey Quarter, Lanark, Visit Inverness Lochness, Royston...


BID Loan Fund Workshops with the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG)

Today British BIDs hosted some BID Loan Fund Support workshops. The sessions were organised to provide those considering bidding for funds with advice, support, and common mistakes to avoid in pulling together their proposals. The day offered robust insight and led to excellent feedback from our delegates. Those who travelled...


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