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Industry insights and news including Bb Chief Executive Professor Chris Turner's observations, thoughts, updates and announcements can be found below.

British BIDs support Plymouth City Centre BID at renewal campaign launch

In 2005, British BIDs saw Plymouth City Centre BID launched as the 2nd Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) in the UK.  15 years later, Plymouth City Centre BID is now in preparation for its fourth term BID with a new, ambitious vision to ‘position Plymouth City Centre as the major retail...


December's BID Insight from Chris Turner

This is my final insight of what has been another busy year for British BIDs and the BID industry. We’ve had two Parliamentary select committees: one looking at business rates and the other on the future of the High Street; we’ve had the government setting up the Future High Streets Task...


November's BID Insight from Chris Turner

This has been a busy month for ballots, with 16 results since my last insight! Congratulations to Stratford (East London), Lincoln, Exeter, Leeds, Worcester, Bracknell, Solihull, Luton, Hereford, Mansfield, Wolverhampton, Paisley First, and Bedford. Chippenham was unsuccessful. Crawley and Port Talbot are both a new BID. At the National BIDs...


Digital Lego Trail successful boost to the City Centre

By Sophie Hainsworth, CEO & Co-Founder, Loyal Free To mark the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, the One Giant Leap campaign has come to Leicester City Centre. As part of this, a space-themed LEGO® trail boasting 15 models came to the City during October half term.  BID Leicester worked...


Can your BID assist school/college leavers in their area to obtain employment locally?

The Careers & Enterprise Company is a government funded company, fully funded by Dept of Education, which aims to connect education and businesses together. The goal is to make it easier for employers to inspire and prepare young people for the fast-changing world of work. How BIDs can get involved? BIDs who are...


October's BID Insight from Chris Turner

The autumn heralds the start of the major BID ballot season and we now have quite a few BIDs going through ballot this month and next. There are currently thirteen BIDs in ballot: Mansfield, Wolverhampton, Hereford, Chippenham, Stratford (East London), Worcester, Bracknell, Solihull, Luton, Verwood Area, Lincoln, Exeter and Leeds...


September's BID Insight from Chris Turner

The BID ballot front has been slow over the last four weeks, but we are expecting both the Bridgend and Wellingborough results in the next week or so. Ballots are generally slow over the summer as BIDs work carefully with their local authorities to make sure that turnout is high...


August's BID Insight from Chris Turner

August has been slightly slower on the ballot front, very much as usual. We congratulate Witham Industrial Estate, Eastbourne, Redditch and Great Yarmouth on their successful ballot results. Both Redditch and Eastbourne are new BIDs and Eastbourne was a recipient of Bb/MHCLG loan funding; both are especially welcomed to the BID community. One...


July's BID Insight from Chris Turner

The last month has been very busy in the BID community. We have had 10 successful ballots in Chester, Dunfermline, South Bank, Slough, Kingston, Northwich, Canterbury, Bermondsey, Gadbrooke, and Huddersfield. Both Slough and Huddersfield were new developing BIDs, and some of the turnouts and success levels have been very good indeed...


June's Insight from Professor Chris Turner

Life is getting splendidly busy across the BID community as the summer arrives. We have ballots in Canterbury, Bermondsey and Huddersfield which started last week, and we wish them well. We are awaiting results from Slough, Kingston, South Bank, Northwich and Chester whose results come out next week or the...


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