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Industry insights and news including Bb Head of Research Chris Turner's observations, thoughts, updates and announcements can be found below.

British BIDs and Industrial BIDs share best practice

Business Park and Industrial BIDs met online last week for the fourth time since May to share good practice and discuss issues and concerns.  The group, chaired by Steve Sawyer who manages Manor Royal BID near Gatwick Airport, and who is also on the British BIDs Advisory Board, has...


September's Insight from Chris Turner

The BID industry continues to work hard to keep our towns and cities safe and prospering, and the Twitter community has pretty much every BID talking about and celebrating their projects and deeds. We have 2672 followers for Bb, and they provide an excellent microcosm of our industry. Ranging from...


British BIDs requests extension of 'Eat out To Help Out' Scheme

Following the success of the current 'Eat out To Help Out' Scheme, British BIDs has recently written to Chancellor Sunak about extending the scheme.  The letter can be viewed here.More than 85,000 establishments have taken part in the 'Eat out To Help Out' scheme, serving more than 35 million meals in the first two weeks...


​Bb requests further BID term extension from MHCLG

British BIDs (Bb) has been providing the BID industry with leadership amid the Coronavirus emergency and continues to work hard in representing all BIDs in discussions with government. The Coronavirus Act had the effect of extending the terms of those BIDs which ended prior to 31st December 2021, meaning that...


Bb to launch new research entitled 'Shaping the Future'

In his Insight piece last week, our Chief Executive, Chris Turner, announced a major piece of research work which is to be entitled ‘Shaping the Future’. In the early Summer, we released the results of our research entitled BIDs and the ‘new normal’: their response to the COVID-19 pandemic of...


Your Pontypridd Receives Accreditation

We are pleased to congratulate Your Pontypridd BID on receiving British BIDs Accreditation. The team at Your Pontypridd led by James Payne has achieved the industry recognised standard, externally assessed by independent auditors. Established in 2016 and one of the smallest BIDs by its levy income in the UK, Your...


August's insight from Chris Turner

This has been a frantic month for BIDs, with holidays reorganised, and large numbers of people coming into some of our towns and cities, whilst others are still almost empty. There has been a huge amount of work in BIDs on sign posting, managing outside tables, street closures, safety and...


Levy reduction letter from BIDs - download the template

British BIDs worked with both ATCM and The BID Foundation to get a letter out to those nationals who have been querying their levy, asking for discounts. This letter makes clear that levy bills need to be paid and it is not possible to offer selective discounts, or indeed any...


Local lockdowns and areas of interventions: how to prepare

Following recent local lockdowns and areas of interventions in the UK, Bb wants to ensure that BIDs are as prepared as possible for communicating and working with businesses in the event of a second lockdown in your area. Measures will vary from place to place, and this document provides guidance...


British BIDs' response on levy payments

British BIDs' Chief Executive, Christopher Turner, has issued a letter to a number of national businesses in response to recent correspondence surrounding the request for a reduction/waive of their levy payments. The full letter can be read below. British BIDs, The BID Foundation and the Association of Town and City Management are working...


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