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The Fit Business

The Fit Business

Supplier Category: Health
Supplier Regions: UK
Website: thefitbusiness.co.uk
BID Endorsement: Yes

The Fit Business – The Virtual Alternative to the Gym

After 18 years of growing an impressive portfolio of wonderful clients, from professional athletes & international celebrities, to delivering corporate client well-being programmes and personal training in her Ipswich studio, Body Care Plus; Kirsty Watling has built an online platform to provide motivation, support and trustworthy health solutions to businesses.

Create a happy, positive and healthy work culture with our comprehensive corporate well-being package, for you to show your team you care about their physical and mental health.

“Happier, Healthier People, Build Happier, Healthier Businesses.”

The Fit Business supplies on demand, pre-recorded daily workouts, movement and relaxation sessions, delivered directly into your inbox, plus nutrition advice, tips and tricks to help manage back pain, stress and working from home, all for a fixed fee, for your entire staff to access and enjoy. There really is something to suit every ability.

  • We found there to be a lack of accessible, verifiable, quality well-being virtual solutions for people who wanted to bring positive exercise into their lives.
  • Working out from home is a growing trend, is time efficient, cost-effective, convenient and green!
  • Sure, you can work out for free on you–tube, but how can you control the quality and make sure you are being safe and effective?
  • Well-being programmes provide an excellent return on investment for the business. Not only does it promote a positive corporate brand image, but staff feel more valued, fitter and happier, it is an amazing strategy to acquire and retain talent, showing potential employees you are a great company to work for.
  • There is no substitute for expertise, experience and consistency of content!
  • Employers who have implemented a “sit less, move more” attitude, have observed improvements in productivity and reduced levels of sick days, back pain and depression.

For £1200 per annum, your business gains unlimited access for all your staff, to our comprehensive well-being, exercise platform.

Designed to build self-confidence, strength, stamina, improve posture, back health, core and general cardio-vascular fitness, our workouts range from uplifting Pilates, to H.I.I.T and Stretching, Meditation and relaxation sessions.

For further information on providing support for your employees health, productivity and mental health please contact Kirsty Watling (Founder)