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Selectamark Security Systems

Selectamark Security Systems

Supplier Category: Security
Supplier Regions: UK
Website: selectamark.co.uk
BID Endorsement: Yes

A leading supplier of forensic security marking solutions, Selectamark Security Systems has a long record of success in deterring business crime. SelectaDNA, Selectamark’s synthetic DNA forensic marking solution, has achieved success against crimes including burglaries, theft, attacks on front-line workers, robbery, ATM attacks, and shoplifting.

Every unit of SelectaDNA supplied to clients, has a unique forensic code that is registered to its owner, so that it can be used to trace assets back to their owners, or criminals back to crime scenes. It can be used in a wide variety of ways, including in fixed Intruder Spray systems, handheld sprays, or in transferable gels and greases for marking criminals, as well as in asset marking kits for marking property.

SelectaDNA Hand-held Spray Solutions are compact offender marking sprays, designed to de-escalate threatening situations or tag offenders such as shoplifters with a uniquely coded synthetic DNA solution.

The SelectaDNA Intruder Spray System is used by both high street staples and haute couture fashion brands as a proven method of deterring robberies and break-ins. This adaptable solution can be used as a standalone system or joined to the existing alarm system within a building or retail unit.

BikeRegister is the UK's National Cycle Database, and offers a range of Police-preferred bike marking solutions. As soon as a bike is security marked it becomes dangerous for thieves to handle and difficult for them to sell on, which is why marked bikes are 83% less likely to be stolen than unmarked bikes. BikeRegister marking initiatives are a great way to drive criminals and crime out of your BID.

The Chelsea Clip is designed to secure personal belongings in public places and is proven to reduce snatch-and-grab thefts of handbags, laptop bags, and other personal belongings. Bag theft is a growing problem for pubs, restaurants, shops, cafes, offices, and nightclubs. Personal possessions left unattended and unsecured - even for a moment - can give criminals a window of opportunity.

SelectaPTT is Selectamark’s unified command, control, and communications system, and is designed to maximise operational efficiency and accountability by putting workforces into recorded and highly secure instant communication, as well as providing tracking, mapping, and emergency functions. SelectaPTT is an invaluable tool through which BIDs can communicate when faced with criminal behaviour or more serious situations.