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Reveal Media

Reveal Media

Supplier Category: Security
Supplier Regions: UK
Website: revealmedia.co.uk

In a world driven by innovation, Reveal is a trailblazer in body-worn technology. Since 2002, we have strived to redefine body-worn camera usage beyond law enforcement, spreading our use across different sectors like retail, health, emergency services, police and security.

Our commitment to lead through innovation means we transform the way body camera evidence is captured and managed to protect those on both sides of the lens. Reveal understands how our products transform the jobs of frontline workers and they are designed with those users in mind; shown in the high evidential quality they provide and their ease of use. Our philosophy centres around superior quality, outstanding performance, and ground-breaking features in every body-worn camera we manufacture. We meticulously design our body camera products to suit a variety of sectors that require a range of solutions and Reveal have developed four distinct series of body cameras, each tailored to specific use cases. Our next-generation body cameras – the K-Series - come with live streaming capability, and retrospective and live facial recognition powered by artificial intelligence, to offer swift and precise matches against defined watchlists for enhanced security protocols.

Our approach focuses on strong partnerships and exceptional customer experience to make sure that they have the best possible experience with body-worn video. Everyone is different so we work with you to ensure that you get the most from our products and for your business and industry needs.