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My Local Bobby Ltd

My Local Bobby Ltd

Supplier Category: Security
Supplier Regions: UK
Website: mylocalbobby.co.uk

My Local Bobby is the NSI Gold Standard accredited BID security partner. Our pro-active and targeted approach has proven to provide a uniquely effective solution in tackling crime and anti-social behaviour across all the Business Improvement Districts in which we operate, helping us to ‘Create Safer Communities' and ‘Eliminate the Fear of Crime'.

Our dedicated Bobbies have been successfully deployed across nine BID locations, benefitting from a close collaboration with the BID’s, the Police, Local Councils, Safer Business Network and BCRP’s. We focus on excellent communication and a high level of engagement with local businesses and a ‘Broken Windows’ approach to public realm patrols.

Our management team have a police or military background and offer a focused and strategic solution to preventing crime and ASB that evolves over time with the intelligence gathered.

My Local Bobby’s ‘Prolific Crimes Team’ was specifically set up to catch and convict shoplifters with our covert detectives working in partnership with our sister company TM-Eye. TM-Eye is the leading private investigation and prosecution company in the U.K with a 100% success rate in prosecutions across 1,300 criminal cases.

The Prolific Crimes team helped eight BID’s in 2023 to tackle retail crime, significantly reducing offending by detaining and privately prosecuting offenders. No company has a better rate of success in catching and convicting shoplifters and they are now available for short or long-term deployments across the U.K.