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MoRServ Ltd

MoRServ Ltd

Supplier Category: Risk Management
Supplier Regions: UK
Website: morserv.co.uk

We use the experience from our policing careers, coupled with our unique AURa software, to provide new insight and understanding about your business, and practical support that helps manage daily business issues. We specialise in helping you prepare for the implementation of Martyn’s Law (Terrorism Protection of Premises Bill).

Web based Risk Management technology that revolutionises an organisation or partnerships response to daily business.

Service Offers

Offer 1: Free Induction and Onboarding for the AURa Business software if purchased during May or June 2023

We have just launched AURa Business, which has been created specifically for small businesses and partnerships, following the successful launch of our AURa Care app in 2022. To mark this, we want to offer the BID’s the opportunity to be the first in the UK to benefit from this new software and to receive free Induction and Onboarding as a thank you from us.

Costs: From as little as £25 (+VAT) per month


Testimonial (AURa Care app): "Using the Aura system, we have found it easy to use and the staff who are not 'techy' have found the system easy to pick up and the AURa guys have added specific things on to our system that we have requested which, when cascaded down to staff to use will give them the tools they need around updated regulations and guidance. We have found when inputting information about how we work that it is a good tool for looking at practices and the areas where we can or may need to look at. Using it myself daily I have found it really helpful and would definitely recommend it to be trialled. Our use of the Aura system is still growing, and we are utilising the system more in our daily work and would highly recommend it”. Shelley Hussey Compliance Manager, Merrywick Hall advises

To sign up: email info@morserv.co.uk to access this offer

Offer 2: 50% off an AURa Business Review May and June 2023 if purchased during May or June 2023.

Cost: £750 (Should be £1500)

Business Review features:

Testimonial: MoRServ have helped us transform our way of thinking and with the support of the team we were able to achieve a second 5 year BID term, securing our position in Halesowen through to 2027. Vikki Rogers (Halesowen BID Manager)

To sign up: email info@morserv.co.uk to access this offer