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MoRServ Ltd

MoRServ Ltd

Supplier Category: Crime and Safety Management
Supplier Regions: UK
Website: morserv.co.uk

Crime and Safety Management:
We help you recognise, record, and manage your crime and safety risks.

We are former police officers who are experienced in Intelligence and Investigation who use our experience to help you create better relationships with your police teams, and help you better manage your crime and safety issues by maximising the resources you already have.

We also use our understanding of how the police prioritise their resources to increase your chances of getting the police to support you in tackling your crime and safety issues.

We have created easy to use software that allows you to easily record the true crime levels in your area, and connect you with all your BID members.

Data Insight:
For BIDs that are, or want to be, data driven we combine our crime and safety management, with our technology, and our in-house Data Science capability to help you maximise insight from your information and data. This enables you to better understand and respond to your key crime and safety priorities, and maximise your chances of getting police support to manage your issues.

"MoRServ have helped us transform our way of thinking and with the support of the team we were able to achieve a second 5 year BID term, securing our position in Halesowen through to 2027." - Vicky Rogers (Halesowen BID Manager)