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Miconex Ltd

Miconex Ltd

Supplier Category: Promotions/Loyalty Schemes
Supplier Regions: Nationwide
Website: mi-cnx.com

Miconex’s mission is simple: providing communities with a tangible means to retain spend in their local area by diverting spend back into local businesses of all types and sizes, helping people to explore the places where they live and work, and positively connect with their community. With Miconex, local and loyal shopping becomes not only easy but desirable, contributing to the evolution of high streets and downtowns around the world.

Over 20,000 businesses are part of Miconex’s multi award-winning Town & City Gift Card programs in the UK and Ireland and Downtown Gift Card programs in Canada and the USA, with 200+ programs worldwide and over £30 million spent in local businesses to date.

As the ultimate shop local gift card, the Town & City Gift Card program enables towns and cities to convert ‘shop local’ demand into increased local spend, diverting online spend back into their local economies. Prepaid Mastercards, Town & City Gift Cards can be spent with both national brands and independent businesses, and are a proven route to new and loyal customers for local businesses. 90% of recipients spend over the value of the gift card on redemption, typically within 1-3 months.

Backed by our multi award-winning technology and industry leading support, Miconex’s local gift cards are impactful, measurable and proven, helping places to minimise administration and maximise return. Town & City Gift Cards are available to buy through our fully supported e-commerce site as either physical cards, or digital cards which can be spent using Google and Apple wallets. Accessibility of Town & City Gift Cards is enhanced with sales points, Load This Card and kiosk options.

Town & City Gift Cards are also popular for employee incentives and rewards, used by a diverse range of organisations for a diverse range of use cases. In 2023 Miconex research, 94% of organisations said supporting local was important when planning rewards and incentives. From rewarding staff and volunteers, to incentivising customers, supporting service users to driving recruitment and retention, Miconex facilitates corporate sales through its corporate website.

We are ready to work with you to deliver increased local spend for your business community. Get in touch today - hello@mi-cnx.com