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Supplier Regions: Nationwide
Website: www.loqiva.com
BID Endorsement: Yes

Loqiva is a mobile city services platform that offers BIDs the opportunity to create, own and manage a mobile gateway for their local community. 

We provide an app for residents and visitors, a subscription-based online dashboard for businesses and an online admin for BIDs - all fully branded for your BID or local area. 

Our modules for iOS and Android offer local news curation, custom GPS tours and maps, local business offers, geoalerts, surveys, targeted notifications and more. Moreover, we’re able to personalise and contextualise content in real-time in response to each user’s interests, location, time and local weather.

Loqiva has been built to integrate with connected devices, open data sources, and offer a platform for payments.

Find out more by visiting our website at www.loqiva.com.