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Lodge Service

Lodge Service

Supplier Category: Security
Supplier Regions: UK
Website: lodgeservice.com

Lodge Service Street teams support Business Improvement District areas throughout the UK, we aim to deliver safe and secure trading locations, making BID areas more attractive place to do business, supporting customers, residents and visitors – the goal is to create thriving locations that are a pleasure to live, work and to visit.

Our Street teams will take a friendly but firm approach to deter antisocial behaviour and disorderly conduct and act as a deterrent against any potential crime, at the same time being a welcoming presence to residents and visitors.

The team will play an important ambassadorial role in the town and help visitors with directions - a welcoming presence on the street, while also playing a supportive role to businesses and help to keep the BID area safe.

Lodge fully understand the desire to encourage and build visitor numbers, increasing and encouraging business uptake, working within each Business Improvement District brand – making the BID area visit experience a positive one.

Importantly, the Lodge Street teams also carry out regular support visits to BID businesses and area stakeholders to support in the event of low-level crime; working closely with Police and local authorities, the aim is to make everybody feel reassured, comfortable and welcome.

Our Rangers / Wardens are your area ambassadors, recruited from within or near the BID area in which they live, so they are familiar and able to assist, direct and answer any questions about that location, making it easier to build strong connections with all within.

Lodge Service are keen to seek out new ideas, involve our teams BID or visitor events, network with BID stakeholders - helping your BID area economy work better for everyone, residents, employees and visitors.