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Blachere Illumination UK Ltd

Blachere Illumination UK Ltd

Supplier Category: Lighting
Supplier Regions: UK and Worldwide
Website: blachere-illumination.co.uk
BID Endorsement: Yes

Blachere Illumination have been developing and manufacturing Christmas Lighting since 1973 . The UK division opened in 2001 and now has 3 distribution warehouses in Fife, Gloucestershire and Yorkshire.


Blachere’s eco-friendly approach has resulted in continued development of recyclable and biodegradable Christmas decorations . They recently launched their second eco responsible range RECYPRINT made from recycled plastic bottles which is in addition to the BIOPRINT range made from material organically sourced ,certified as GMO free and made from sugar cane based product . The aim is that these will help BIDS with their climate goals.

For further information follow on social media @BlachereUK or visit our website www.blachere-illumination.co.uk.