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Argenbright Security Europe Ltd (ASEL)

Argenbright Security Europe Ltd (ASEL)

Supplier Category: Security
Supplier Regions: UK
Website: asel.co.uk

Providing a true community service that is built on a full understanding of what the BID area need is.

ASEL area intelligence teams will carry out no charge full analysis working alongside our in-house Intelligence led Risk Centre/s, prior to commencing any service and throughout each contract period to understand where the best deployment of a community team can be maximised, whilst working in close conjunction and in support of the local Police.

We identify challenge areas / times where negative events whether it be repeat offenders or anti-social behaviours might usually occur; we then will direct our team to then support and deter.

The ASEL service focuses to reduce criminality and support the business community, improving the area perception and at the same time, make places pleasant in which to live, work and visit.

A reassuring delivery achieved through dedicated and BID operational working trained street teams, deploying people who live locally, who can provide area information / direction to your visitors and understand area history.

Each ASEL street team member will fully understand their role as a customer facing representative/s and will be approved by BID management prior to deployment.