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Apex Radio Systems

Apex Radio Systems

Supplier Category: Communications Solutions
Supplier Regions: UK
Website: apexradio.co.uk
BID Endorsement: Yes

The company's main business lies in hiring and selling high-quality two-way radios and associated communications equipment.

Apex provides two-way communications solutions across the whole business spectrum. In the fast-moving world of today's business, two-way radio communications play a crucial role in the safety and welfare of people.

Apex owns and operates several regional community repeater networks, providing customers with vital communication links to their workforce. In the UK alone, Apex currently supplies and supports over 250 WatchSchemes, from Northern Scotland to the Southern Coast of England.

Our WatchSchemes allow all Retailers in the area to communicate instantly with each other for a proactive approach to reducing and managing crime. On many of our Schemes, Retailers are also able to be in communication with the Local Police, CCTV and various other helpful initiatives.

We work closely with local partner agencies to provide the proper support and expertise. We can link several towns together to a central hub. Our knowledge of the technical advancements in radio communication systems means we can always offer the latest available equipment and packages to make Two-Way Radio systems genuinely effective in the fight against crime.

In addition, Apex will also liaise with local police and crime reduction officers in the proposed area to establish the most efficient ShopWatch scheme for all users. Apex can extend the ShopWatch scheme offer to any organisation, town or city.