BID Barometer - Q1 April 2020

BID Barometer - Q1 April 2020

British BIDs has traditionally produced an annual survey of BIDs in the British Isles, with 2019 being the thirteenth year of the survey. As BIDs have become greater in number and more important in their impact, it became clear that a more regular collection of data was needed, hence this new BID Barometer, which is the industries only Barometer in the UK.

It has been produced to cover the same data sets as the annual survey but will be more current and we hope more useful. 

The Barometer will be produced and published to the industry each quarter.

Of course, this very first quarter is at a dramatic time – COVID-19 is affecting BIDs across all parts of the British Isles and we are tracking BIDs at possibly their greatest numbers for some time.

The Barometer uses the quantitative data from the Business Plans of each BID as it comes to ballot and is a result of significant investment in up to date, state of the art software and intensive data collection.