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Supplier Category: CRM Software
Supplier Regions: UK
Website: simplevieweurope.com
BID Endorsement: Yes

Simpleview is a marketing and technology company that focuses solely on destination digital marketing, providing solutions and services to more than 900 destination organisations around the world. These include BIDs, TBIDS, convention and visitors bureaus, regional tourism offices, provincial offices of tourism, national tourist boards and economic development agencies.

The promotion of a destination involves speaking to a variety of different audiences - visitors, business people, investors, students and locals alike. Whilst the visitor website will focus on the leisure audience, there is also a need to address the business and investment offer that a destination can provide.

The ability to attract business events, conferences and inward investment is critical to the type of regeneration that many destinations are currently experiencing.

Our solutions and services focus on supporting our partners to support the local population, encourage inward investment, promote group travel, win bids for conventions and events and ultimately support them in improving their overall value proposition, so they can better communicate their worth with their key stakeholders.

We serve on the board for global organisations such as Destinations International, US Travel, ICCA, MPI and others. Plus actively engage and support the associations that guide and shape this industry, including CityDNA, TMI, STA, AACB and IGLTA, to ensure Simpleview is addressing the ever-changing needs of destinations across the globe.

We supply a complete dedicated destination marketing platform, so that there is less complexity than dealing with multiple organisations.

At our core, we build award-winning websites powered by our own CMS, and implement our industry-leading CRM that integrate seamlessly to let your teams accomplish more goals, in less time.

We also provide everything from search engine optimisation and full digital marketing services, to mobile app development and digital accessibility, to online booking solutions. The idea is that whatever you need digitally as a destination we are here to support you.

We realise that you have many variables to consider when choosing a partner to help with strategy, technologies and creative services. After nearly two decades working within the industry, we truly believe that we deliver unmatched knowledge, service and results.

While we understand the common challenges in the market, we also know that every organisation is different.

We are eager for the chance to meet with you and to hear more about your challenges – the nuances of your objectives, the dynamics of your internal and external relationships, where you triumph and where your efforts towards success breaks down.

We’re here to provide solutions that are built for the way your organisation works and to help you tell your unique story.