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Supplier Category: Communications Solutions
Supplier Regions: UK
Website: airsys.cloud

Our Group Communication as a Service (GCaaS) solution is used by a number of BIDS to enable “Safer Streets” and support “Shop Watch” and “night economy” schemes. Using our best in class solution, we help to minimise retail theft and crime by enabling instant communications across your BID.

We enable your BID to better handle emergency situations as they occur, responding more efficiently, by sharing relevant information more effectively such as location, images and type of emergency combined with instant message or voice comms.

GCaaS provides Instant Group Communication everywhere, at the touch of a button, delivered as a service. Using mobile and WiFi networks for business critical connectivity we can reduce or eliminate some of the costs associated with traditional radio systems or other communication apps.

GCaaS enables companies to have a more connected and safer remote workforce. It provides modern applications to drive operational efficiency whilst recording key events for training and audit purposes.

GCaaS is modular and can include the following, all from one device:

  • Instant Push to Talk, Video Calls and Video streaming
  • Body Worn Video
  • Secure instant messaging and data (e.g. pictures) sharing
  • Lone Worker Protection (meeting BS:8484)
  • Task Management and Workflow
  • Indoor and Outdoor mapping; localisation and Geofencing
  • Routine Patrol checks and management

You can also use GCaaS to record and report the events of the day to be later used as evidence in dispute resolution or for training purposes to implement preventative measures. We provide a full product including a wide range of devices that can be tailored to suit your needs and a connectivity package that provides a reliable and resilient solution. All this while being GDPR compliant and professionally deployed and hosted in ISO27000 accredited data centres here in the UK, so not only is your solution reliable, but your data is also safe.

Together with your chosen communications provider or as recommended by Airsys. Cloud, we provide a complete communications package, configured to your business needs and consolidating your device requirements to one simple smart device.