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WiFi Spark

WiFi Spark

Website: https://www.wifispark.com/
BID Endorsement: Yes

The SPARK® Platform connects people through WiFi and provides businesses a platform to engage with their audience, strengthen brand identity and drive digital transformation.

SPARK® provides WiFi, entertainment and analytics solutions to a vast array of sectors such as local government, BIDs, shopping centres, stadiums, hospitals and healthcare environments and enterprises. The Platform integrates seamlessly with existing systems such as Loyalty, CRM, CMS and Business Intelligence and we provide a branded and bespoke user experience for your customers.

  • Provide your customers with more than just WiFi
  • Engage with users through banner advertisements and up to date messaging
  • Strengthen your brand identity with increased visibility
  • Integrate with digital services such as your loyalty or CRM database
  • Drive digital transformation with inclusive access to external links, surveys and more
  • Increase donations to chosen charities
  • Discover trends in data and use it to make informed marketing and business decisions
  • Be confident you are offering a safe and secure solution inline with GDPR, content filtering and ISO best practice
  • Utilise 24/7/365 support services for both your business and your customers

Whether it’s guest or staff WiFi, SPARK® is the facilitator to authenticate users to the internet through a secure and filtered platform. The service is fully managed, meaning that we design, configurate and install the solution, as well as manage and support it 24/7/365.

With a SPARK® solution, you can provide much more value to your customers than just internet access. The true gem of SPARK® is the User Experience (UX). This is the login page(s) and the journey that the user will take when signing in to WiFi.

This is your opportunity to showcase your brand. A custom built UX could feature more advertisement or messaging, links to external resources such as surveys, videos, charity links and more. You could even charge vendors for advertising space as a means of generating revenue and you can control the contents on the UX with our Content Management System.

As part of the SPARK® Connect solution, our analytics platform provides you with valuable information about your users, their demographics and how they interact in your venue.

We can send this data in real-time to your business intelligence tool or CRM, enabling you to be notified of VIP’s, get customer details and provide digital sales strategies such as flash sales and targeted marketing.