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Website: http://wearelocals.co.uk/
BID Endorsement: Yes

Your local shops, selling online, in one place. It is designed specifically with BIDS and Councils in mind. 

WEARELOCALS are on a mission to support businesses by reinventing our local high street and promoting the message of Support Local, Shop Local. You can do this with WEARELOCALS by delivering a modern digital presence for all town centres and high streets providing much needed immediate support during uniquely challenging times. Our branded platforms support the four ‘pillars’ of high street and town centre resilience – economic, social, financial and environmental. Your local community brand will be firmly on ‘trend’ with clear signs of a customer move in favour of internet shopping. Together we can help shape the future by continuously enabling a virtuous circle between local residents, businesses and the wider community. Our offering is both a flexible and low cost solution - a permanent everyday low price, with no initial charges in the first 2 months and ability to decide on your own domain, brand, boundaries, sectors to help make this the town’s own. Not to mention its ease of use – the platform requires almost no local support. 

"WEARELOCALS enabled online sales for our businesses in a way that creates a virtuous circle between all the businesses, their digital sales and footfall into the shops. This is just the beginning - going forward we want to ensure our businesses have digital technology at their fingertips that makes them competitive with Amazon... add to this the local element and we even have an advantage and can build long-term resilience for our high streets in this increasingly digital world." George Grace, Bedminster BID, Bristol

Take a look at wearelocals.co.uk or contact hello@wearelocals.co.uk to find out more.