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The Great British Pop Up

The Great British Pop Up

Website: popup.thegbexchange.com
BID Endorsement: Yes

The Great British Exchange facilitates opportunities for ‘Small Brands in Big Retail’. We offer two business models to brands, which can be used independently or in partnership, depending on their goals. The pop-up shops: Supporting independent businesses in all stages of their growth journey, giving them opportunity to gain new customer insights, build additional revenue, and create brand association in addition to many more benefits for their business.

Our second model is focused on wholesale for small businesses. We provide opportunities for brands to enter the wholesale market, aiding their journey to become stockists for established retailers. Uniquely to The GBE, brands can choose to use the pop-up and wholesale model in partnership as a ‘springboard, allowing retailers to trial their products in stores before permanently stocking them through their channels. We currently working with various retailers including, Boots John Lewis and Ocado.

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