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Sycomore Vox

Sycomore Vox

Supplier Category: Tourism
Supplier Regions: Nationwide
Website: www.voxtours.com
BID Endorsement: Yes

Sycomore Vox is a global expert in guiding solutions. Here in the UK we provide a simple and inexpensive smartphone guiding solution to stimulate and support profitable visitor growth for British BIDs. Our core application is a state-of-the-art ‘BIDGuide’, which is designed to drive visitors to members through geo-tagged navigation, audio commentary and a full range of local promotions for every BID member.

Key BID benefits of BIDGuide are:

  • We create an equal voice and in-map pop-up presence for all BID members.
  • In-app GPS navigation, smart content and targeted walking routes will engage users.
  • Visitors will be taken directly to BID members, increasing footfall and spend.
  • Visitors can also connect directly to members’ latest e-commerce offers.
  • Members can sell additional services directly through the marketplace.
  • We collect trend data, heatmaps and activity stats that are supplied to the BID.

Key visitor benefits of BIDGuide are:

  • Easy activation and fast download with a simple QR code scan.
  • Never get lost and always find your way to BID members.
  • Learn all about the destination and get great info on local businesses.
  • Take advantage of constantly updated offers and promotions.
  • Multilingual commentary and fascinating stories on local points of interest.
  • Operates offline, so no roaming charges or GSM blackspots.

Our trail to success:

1. We will assign a project manager to liaise, create and build an amazing visitor experience.
2. Your package is ready to be distributed to consumers via QR codes in just 8 weeks.
3. Together, we will select the important points of interest, languages, itineraries, etc.
4. BID stakeholder info, links and offers will be placed at the forefront of the user experience.
5. Vox Content Studios, will take care of all storytelling, content creation, translation and production.

Sycomore Vox has several package options, including a starter pack to get things moving quickly. Make sure to talk with us as soon as possible to ensure members can connect more effectively with domestic and international visitors.