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Website: https://www.swipii.com/business
BID Endorsement: Yes

Swipii is on a mission to better connect customers with local businesses. Our app gives shoppers a simple way to save money when they shop locally while providing retailers a simple marketing tool designed specifically for the needs and challenges faced by local businesses today.

Swipii for Business specialises in customer acquisition and customer loyalty, with automated technology that handles all the fuss so business owners can get back to what matters most (running their business).

Featuring on our free cashback app promotes your business and enables you to create personalised rewards for your customers, increasing loyalty. A loyal customer is worth 10x as much as their first purchase and retaining customers is significantly cheaper than acquiring new ones. So how do you do it when you’re busy running a business and don’t have the time or team? Swipii will take care of it all.

Once signed up, our technology will reach your customers directly via push notifications to let them know what cashback offers are live for your business driving footfall. Your business will be featured on the Swipii explore map in the app so non customers can see that your business offers cashback too. There’s no hardware or software that you need to deal with. We use card linking technology in the background to identify if a Swipii user has purchased in your business and then we send them their cashback. This process means that you can start to understand your customers buying behaviour and make even more informed decisions in the future.

Offering cashback is much cheaper than discounting your inventory. Instant gratification that comes with cash is much more appealing to customers now more than ever. Plus, because it’s only redeemed if a customer spends directly with you, the money goes straight back into your pocket (and not to an expensive third party delivery app).

Swipii is proud to support local businesses and provides an affordable solution for local businesses to increase customer reach (beyond unpredictable social media posts and confusing Google Ads) and customer loyalty (without the hassle of paper punch cards).

Swipii works with over 80 bars, restaurants and cafes across the country and has 1200 average monthly active users. The company received the Best ‘Customer Loyalty, Personalisation and CRM’ award at the UK Digital Experience Awards 2016 and was also named among Europe’s top 100 disruptive startups in the retail industry in the same year.

Joining the Swipii community is quick and easy and there's no sign up cost, contracts or commitment. See how Swipii can help you grow your business without being tied in, there’s nothing to lose.

Visit our website https://swipii.com/business/ , email hello@swipiicard.com or call 0800 368 7416.

*Swipii still works with businesses that are offering takeaway services as a result of government restrictions.