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Street Stories

Street Stories

Website: https://street-stories.co.uk/
BID Endorsement: Yes

Street Stories is an innovative project package for towns and cities, which creates a more attractive high street, engages your arts community and delivers an immersive augmented reality experience for your residents and visitors.  

The framework allows you to;

  • Repackage your tourism offer in an exciting and innovative way
  • Engage with your local artists community to promote their work and showcase their talent
  • Invest in a local design agency and print company
  • Encourage safe footfall across your town or city with an exciting art trail
  • Promote interesting stories and celebrate your town or city’s achievements
  • Highlight commercial space to prospective businesses and show the positive difference you’re making

“We have been working hard to create commissioning opportunities for local artists and creatives affected by the pandemic through our digital grants scheme.  We were only too happy to get involved in this new project which will not only showcase Stirling’s talent but also draw people to our city centre at a time when retail needs a boost.”