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Staffino UK Ltd

Staffino UK Ltd

Supplier Category: BID Services
Supplier Regions: UK
Website: https://staffino.com/
BID Endorsement: Yes

Staffino provides real-time, unbiased insight into the hearts and minds of your customers, though a unique approach that lets you engage with them directly about the issues they care about most.


Used by 70 organisations in over 2,000 locations, Staffino is a comprehensive, cloud-based Customer Insight platform, both easy to use and quick to set up. It provides usable, targeted data on how your customers feel about your organisation, by making it easier for them to tell you.


  • Gather real-time feedback on your staff, products or services
  • Fast, flexible, easy to set up and use
  • Retain more customers, reduce complaints, improve and speed-up your processes
  • Boost staff morale, performance and engagement


Contact hello@staffino or call 01962 828794 to discover how we are achieving this