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South West Business Crime Centre

South West Business Crime Centre

Website: https://swbcc.co.uk/

Your BID Levy payers expectations around safety and security are higher than ever, and this means that business crime is now more firmly on the BIDs agenda than ever before.

Some BIDs may be wary of beginning a business crime reduction partnership as it is a potential legislative minefield or already trying something but unsure as to the effectiveness and compliance of their efforts.

Fear not because the South West Business Crime Centre is supporting BIDs and BCRPs across the country with a wide range of services, each designed to support your delivery of excellence in this arena.

Whether it is helping you create your partnership, ensure your documentation is correct, achieving National Standards accreditation, or managing and processing your offender database, SWBCC can help alleviate the stress of this work.

Our unique Business Crime Reduction Services enable BID clients to outsource, on a subscription basis, their BCRP work.

This service could save you two thirds on the average cost of a full time BCRP manager or help to get Rangers out from behind a desk and onto the street where they’re needed most. It provides your BID with everything you need to deliver a compliant and effective scheme to your communities (except a physical presence).

It could free up budgets for other investments in this area such as Rangers and means that you can sleep easy at night knowing that your business crime reduction work is not a ticking compliance bomb waiting to go off.

In addition to this, SWBCC offer clients advice on ongoing issues such as blockages in partner agencies, good providers of security related items such as radios, databases, body worn video, etc., and other initiatives to enhance on your efforts.

This is built on over a decades worth of running an award winning BCRP and assessing for the National Standards for BCRPs.

Our current BID client list includes Bristol City Centre, Broadmead, Bournemouth Coastal, Poole, Salisbury and Successful Sutton, and we have advised BCRPs and PCCs on business crime matters.

As a welcome gift to those within British BIDs membership, SWBCC are offering a no obligation free consultation call for you to discuss your ambitions or concerns in this arena.

So, if you’re looking to start, reignite, or repurpose your BCRP work, contact SWBCC for some straightforward, honest advice.