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SmartCity Climate

SmartCity Climate

Website: http://www.smartcityclimate.co.uk/
BID Endorsement: Yes

SmartCity Climate is cleaning the air we breathe on our high streets.

Air Quality is one of the biggest challenges our high streets face today, and we all need to act now if we want our towns and cities to thrive.

SmartCity Climate was launched after a decade of working with Place Managers/Makers across the country, with a unique perspective and approach to enhance the physical and mental wellbeing of residents, workers, retailers and visitors by cleaning the air we breathe. And by partnering with specialists to deliver sustainable green solutions specifically designed for the high street.

Our High Street Vision:

  • To remove harmful particulates in our air, help cool the planet, and reduce the production of harmful pollutants in the first place through the implementation of technology, nature-based planting and the use of sustainable energy. Whilst utilising current infrastructure and street furniture.
  • Introduce revolutionary hybrid technologies that use a combination of technology and nature to reduce particulates and create a cooling effect on the high street.
  • Implement nature-based biodiversity greening solutions encompassing living lampposts and walls which again helps to naturally reduce particulates whilst having a cooling effect (not just a pretty place, but a clean place).
  • The implementation of specifically designed sustainable energy solutions with the high street in mind that enables retailers to reduce their carbon footprint in the first place (a large contributor to Green House Gasses on our high streets) as well as reducing energy costs and contributing to place sustainability and environmental targets.
  • Reduce the Heat Island effect which is a factor to global warming and contributes to the Paris Agreement of increases by no more than 1.5 degrees.
  • Sending out a positive message to all living, working and visiting our high streets

Along with supplying data based technologies which allows Managers to better understand how their place is performing.

Small changes today will make a world of difference tomorrow, so let’s start by discussing how we can help our high streets not just survive but really thrive!

Contact us through change@smartcityclimate.co.uk and we will be more than happy to help where we can.