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Supplier Category: Communications Solutions
Supplier Regions: UK
Website: sentinelresilience.com
BID Endorsement: Yes

Sentinel is a multi-award winning platform available in a series of modules that can be assembled to form a class-leading emergency communication and crisis management solution. It is easy to operate in a crisis which makes it very suitable for use by BIDs who generally have small teams of multitasking staff. Sentinel has been recently adopted by Fleet Street Quarter, Aldgate Connect and London Bridge a of whom have direct experience of a recent terrorist attack. We are also very proud to be serving a number of other BIDs including Victoria & Westminster, NorthBank, Better Bankside and Baker Street.

Sentinel can ensure BID members receive SMS, email and in-app alerts and ensure that key documents, (such as evacuation, crisis response plans or police reports) are distributed across the Business Improvement District via a branded app. They can be accessed offline and when an incident strikes and a full set of communication tools are available to ensure all businesses are informed and actions are taken.

Sentinel is an innovative emergency response system that makes organisations better prepared to deal with serious incidents. It is threat agnostic and helps responses to events including fires, power failures, protests, terrorist attacks and cyber-attacks.
It has all the features you would expect from an emergency alert system but with additional features that make the solution much more valuable for a BID. Firstly it is designed for all members and the incident/street teams. Members or teams receive alerts to incidents, and allows them to respond (asking if they are available, for example), Users can also have an app on their Android or Apple phones which gives access to a controlled contact directory and a categorised knowledge library.

Instant advice for threat scenarios are available on tap and the user can be granted the ability to alert a support or incident team to a potential threat to themselves or others.
In a crisis, the system lets the BID communicate with the buildings, businesses, crisis teams and outside advisors to facilitate a trusted positive flow of information to assist in a positive response. It helps keep media teams and all stakeholders, including staff up to date with unfolding events.