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Website: https://www.novaerus.com/

Virus elimination in the workplace, education and leisure sectors, will be the key to future business growth and profitability.

Protect your staff, your customers and your business by closing the infection control loop. The virus causing Covid-19 is airborne – fact. It is mainly contracted through inhalation - fact. You can wash your hands and wipe down surfaces, but you cannot safely, effectively and constantly disinfect the air. Seldex can, with Novaerus Nano-Strike Technology. The first line of protection against airborne viruses.

  • Unlike UV light solutions, Novaerus’ technology is safe to use constantly and effectively around people and foodstuffs. It emits nothing but clean, disinfected air.
  • Filter systems merely trap bacteria and filter colonisation can create additional hazards. Novaerus completely de-activates and kills viruses and bacteria at RNA/DNA level.
  • Originally designed for infection control in hospitals and medical environments, where the highest air purity is demanded, the Novaerus Nano-Strike technology is now being used as a ‘back to work tool’ for all types of applications.

Tested against not only SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) Novaerus’ medical grade devices have been extensively and independently tested in dozens of laboratories worldwide and proven to eradicate all airborne viruses such as influenza, measles and Clostridium difficile, as well as bacteria, mould spores and VOC’s. They have also been proven to massively reduce allergens such as pollen and dander.

We breathe around 11,000 litres of air every day. Our lungs are constantly exposed to airborne pathogens. Ten times more polluted than outdoors, indoor air can be teeming with airborne micro-organisms that can be easily spread through aerosol droplets that can remain suspended for very long periods of time. Just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they’re not there. Plastic screens and domestic air purifiers will not protect you. Hand and surface sanitising is very important, but to effectively close the infection control loop, the air in indoor spaces has to be disinfected also. This needs to be a 24/7 process, not just a ‘point in time’ kill.

Novaerus’ portable, plug and play units require no installation or ongoing maintenance. Economical to run and for a small capital outlay, provide a huge reduction in yearly costs caused by absenteeism caused by seasonal illnesses.

Use Novaerus to protect your greatest asset by creating a healthy, safe and productive workplace and environment, whatever your business.