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Proximity Futures

Proximity Futures

Website: www.proximityfutures.com
BID Endorsement: Yes

Proximity Futures are a UK leading provider of data collection, specialising in Town, City and High Street environments that, through data collection, help decision makers to make smarter, informed choices. Connected systems allow integration of a wide range of products; the more established Elephant WiFi and Geo-Sense products integrate with carpark sensors, Parking-Sense and real-time environmental data collection sensor, Enviro-Sense. 

The new service, the Safe Space Indicator, has been developed and is now available free of charge to an existing customer, but also available for short term hire (see examples here https://Retford.geo-sense.co.uk, https://Worksop.geo-sense.co.uk) The idea behind this new services is as our towns & cites start to open up, customers will be able to get an indication of how busy certain areas. The Geo-sense system measures footfall and provides reports on hot spots, visitor journeys and access. 

The system is based off the existing Geo-Sense, which can be tailored to exclude areas, merge areas or for single use. The threshold is set by yourself, this enables the system to indicate the different states, and these can be amended at any time. It has been designed for internal use and also, should you wish, it can be made public as it sits on an independent server. As the system updates every 5 minutes you can see the latest data for a place.

In addition to the Safe Space Indicator, you will also get access to the Intelli-Sense portal, allowing you to take advantage of the full suit of reports that Geo-Sense provides.