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Miconex Ltd

Miconex Ltd

Supplier Regions: Nationwide
Website: www.mi-cnx.com
BID Endorsement: Yes

Miconex work with over 40 towns and cities (30+ BIDs) to provide Town and City Gift Card programmes using the MasterCard network.  The programmes are a proven way to drive footfall, encourage advocacy and stimulate additional economic activity.  It’s free and easy for businesses to get involved with no additional fees - over 4,000 businesses have registered.

Consumers spend on average 40% more than the value of the gift card and they like to explore, visiting new businesses and trying new experiences.

Miconex have also developed a frictionless, card-linked loyalty programme for towns and cities - Mi Rewards - Shop Local Win BIG!  The programme automatically rewards people when they spend money in local businesses without the need for the customer use a loyalty card or smartphone app.

The data from the programme allows us for the first time to understand how people interact with their towns/cities and enables the measurement of marketing, events and changes on customer behaviour.