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Begin Your Journey To Net Zero With Meercat’s ZERO Service!

Is your BID seeking to reduce its carbon footprint and help members do the same?

We have a long track record of delivering environmental projects and would now like to introduce you to ZERO.

ZERO addresses the UK’s commitment to reduce carbon by 50% by 2030 and 100% by 2050. It is a unique business model for BID businesses to reduce carbon as well as business costs and waste.

  • In-house carbon measurement team with expert consultants.
  • Comprehensive guidance along a bespoke roadmap to net zero.
  • A Zero Champion drives it within the business.
  • Awards and certification to encourage and promote.
  • Carbon offsetting schemes.
  • Waste management and supply chain expertise.
  • Green supplier framework.
  • National procurement buying power.

Businesses are guided every step of the way from getting started to quarterly reviews to ensure they stay on the path.

ZERO is therefore the perfect opportunity for your BID to become net zero and show leadership on a topic that will continue to grow in importance.

Our environmental heritage:

  • In 2008, we introduced joint procurement to BID members to offset BID levies with millions of pounds of business cost savings. On average, we find over £3k of cost savings and have supported tens of thousands of BID members with our National BID Buying Group.
  • In 2010, we introduced an energy efficiency scheme focussed on voltage optimisation in buildings, including the benefits of LED lighting.
  • In 2014, we launched the Zero to Landfill waste management scheme and are proud winners of the Green Apple Award, Green Ambassador Award and the Sussex Business Award. This scheme drastically reduced waste truck movements, improved traffic flows and air quality, while reducing costs and controlling all collected waste so nothing went to landfill.
  • In 2021, we designed and launched Zero to help businesses assess and reduce emissions and begin their journey to Net Zero.

As well as ZERO, Meercat has an extensive array of cost reduction services such as energy, merchant services, telecoms, insurance and pest control. We also help members explore their own mental health and wellbeing in the workplace with a free, Zoom session every week.

Please call Meercat on 01444 416529 to discuss ZERO further or visit www.meercatassociates.co.uk